More On Rhythm Syllables: French Time Names

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Elsewhere in this blog, I have written about the strengths and weaknesses of some of the rhythm syllables systems in use. (See my post “A Review of Rhythm Syllables Systems.”) These included Gordon, Eastman, Takadimi, Kodaly, and Orff rhythm teaching systems. Of these, I prefer the Gordon and Eastman systems, because both the ictus and its first division always have the same syllable, which makes the rhythmic function clear. Today I will discuss the so-called French time names, which are really another set of rhythm syllables.

The French time names were “translated” into English by Curwin, whose work became popularly known as the Kodaly system. The two systems, French time names and Curwin/Kodaly system, are fundamentally the same. In this system, the ictus is always taa. Like the Gordon and Eastman systems, this keeps the function of the ictus clear. After that, though, things begin to become a bit muddled…

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