VISITING THE STARSHIPS OF THE GALACTIC COUNCIL OF LIGHT – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 7-11-20


Happy birthday Nikola Tesla! 

“Our Entire Biological System, The Brain, The Earth Itself, Work On The Same Frequencies.”

~ Nikola Tesla 1856 – 1943


The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light:

We are here now.

We love you.

We are you, from your future to assist you on your path.

Dear Ones, more and more of you are waking up to a new reality, where the interactions with Us is becoming more and more experiential, tangible and visible.

 If you are reading these words, you have been visiting Our Starships in your sleep time, to connect and re-unite with your Galactic Family of Light.

Consider these visitations on board Our Ships as an exercise for a more conscious experience for you, at a later point.

When you are on board Our craft, you are able to get accustomed to Our energies, the atmosphere and the way We interact and communicate.

 Our communications with you are telepathic, which you can compare to an “echoing inside your mind.” Your thoughts are transmitted to Us also this way.

What you experience as thoughts, however, are only a fraction of what is actually happening.

Your thoughts are Holographic Energy Forms and are radiating outward into infinity. This enables Higher Dimensional Beings to perceive your thoughts easily.

This is why, when you are asking a Higher Dimensional Beings like Us, Angels or Ascended Master a question, you will find that We have answered your question before you were able to finish your thought.

 If you wish to connect with Us more and begin your journey of a tangible and more conscious interaction with Us, simply keep inviting Us with your thoughts on a regular basis.

This sets an important process in motion, to prepare you by releasing any old thought patterns that might be in your way of connecting with Us on a deeper level.

We are with you… always

We love you

We are you






Thank You, Galactic Council of Light!:-)





Channeled by Daniel Scranton 

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been approximating the time it will take for all of you to reach that pinnacle of Awareness, that place where you KNOW your SELVES as your Higher SELVES.

And we Know that those of you who are Awake are getting to that place much faster than those who have yet to Awaken and have NO idea that a Higher SELF version of themselves even exists.

We can see all of you who are Awake getting to that place where you fully BEcome your Higher SELVES in the next two to three years, and we Know that you are getting a lot of Assistance in getting to that point in your Evolution from the Faeries.

The Faeries are essentially what you are BEcoming. They dwell in the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions, and at times those of you who are there in the fourth are able to perceive them, but they do stay in that Higher Vibrational State while inviting you to join them in the Playfulness, in the Freedom, in the Joy that is the Fifth-Dimensional Frequency Range.

They understand that you all are hanging back for the most part in the fourth dimension to help your fellow Humans Awaken, and they are also aware of the fact that you can tune in to the Fifth Dimensional Frequency Range right NOW and have more Fun with them.

You can perceive Faerie Energy, and you can access the vibration of the Fae. You just have to get back to that Childlike persona that you once had, where it was so much easier to be carefree.

And, as we said, the Faeries are inviting you into that HIGHER Vibrational State. Most of you have at least one Faerie Guide, and many of you have incarnated as Faeries in previous lifetimes.

The relationship between Humanity and the Faeries goes all the way back to Lemuria, and it is Time for you all to remember those times of Great Spiritual Evolution, of Great Joy, and of Collaboration with the Faeries.

It is Time for you all to recognize that you have these wonderful Friends, these Guides, these BEings of LIGHT and LOVE, to help guide you into the Fifth-Dimensional Realm, just as you are going to help your fellow Humans.

You are BEcoming more Faerie-like every day, and you are going to be appearing more Faerie-like to your fellow Humans, as you continue on that upward Spiral to fully BEcoming your Higher SELVES and embodying the Fifth-Dimensional Energy in the same way that the Faeries do NOW.

If you want to connect with them, imagine what type of Playfulness they have in their Realm, and bring more of it to your day-to-day activities.

BE more Playful. BE more Childlike. Spend more time in Nature. Have more Fun. Sing, and Dance, and Laugh, and Play, and you will find your SELVES connecting with at least one Faerie BEing, and perhaps it will Be one of your Faerie Guides.

But this much We Know to Be TRUE – you will make these connections, and it will be sooner than later.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

shared with LOVE 
Pars Kutay

~  ~

Photo: ANCIENT Light Faerie – photographer unknown



L’Aura Pleiadian

16 hrs

As the ROOM Dissolved around me and before me appeared the entrance way to the Mother SHIP ~ I WAS greeted by other multidimensional Beings that welcomed me once again, onto this beautiful LIGHT ship. Guardians of this Galaxy were present as well as those Ascended Beings I have travelled with before.

Yet all of it is now. FOR NOW. From this lightship we activate YOU. As this multidimensional embodiment carries all the frequencies NOW.

Since before Earth and even before this UNIVERSE. I am present, with you.

Our frequency and message is love. Many of us know our home prior to this landing on Earth being stationed on Venus. We are the LOVE beings, that radiate the frequency of LOVE.

True love is multidimensional as it is ALL Encompassing on and through all levels of being.

WE transmit this now, yes on our spaceship and also present here embodying what you call a body. It is all made up of frequencies to us. The eternal stream of true love embodies NON separation. From All aspects of being.

With the Divine Ascended Masters, on the throne of love and GLORY with the BELOVED ONE, in perfect LOVE, we activate you now. Throughout the levels. Throughout the universe. THROUGHOUT all experiences of NOW. As there is NO separation in the frequency of love. Embodying it ALL ~ radiating now, transforming form.

Throughout the Universe in our LIGHT ship, activating LOVE.

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L’Aura Pleiadian



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