El Morya – Find Peace In UNITY To Support Mother’s Will


El Morya ~ Find Peace In UNITY To Support Mother’s Will

By El Morya

Mother God is ascending in these moments, her process is deep and we are here to support. We move through this, the densest darkest parts, all being revealed in these moments. The truth is setting Mother God-free, and as we accept our darkest parts, we own up to it, grow, and allow Mother and All of Creation to move forward. She has reached the final scenes of this play and the finale shall be the falling away of the Vail.

This is upon us NOW and all must find peace in UNITY to support Mother’s Will.
Once you begin processing & transforming the lower frequencies around you, this gives a momentum within that is right action, it is the Will of Mother’s LOVE to flow, for you have accepted accountability for all dysfunction, therefore empowering ourselves to correct energies into right action.  This is our focus: to dig so deep into our soul that we feel Mother and all She is going through, pushing us to embody Higher Self by being responsible for all lower frequencies we are aware of, process them, and allow Her to go HOME INTO THE LIGHT.

When she receives this moment of 100% Right Action from Her Children then She will be supported enough to Go Home. We pray for this, thank you Mother Father God, Galactics, Angels, Great Grand Council, Dragons, Elementals, Fairies, & All of Creation.



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