The New Earth Has Been Fully Birthed – By Lisa Maria Wright – via Love Has Won


The New Earth Has Been Fully Birthed

By Lisa Maria Wright 

New Earth has been fully birthed. The war of the gods, the story of good and evil and times of division, seperation, fear limits and service to self are over.
It is Done
Glorious transformation and full disclosure are rapidly unfolding.
We have pierced all veils All that was once hidden is being revealed. Truth will be known by all. Truth sets us Free.
Mother/Love, who was scapegoated for the internal fall, ascended in 2012. Since then humanity has been clearing the 7 deadly sins and elevating their frequency to match that of New Earth.
Christ and Buddha are masculine expressions of the Mother energy. Their Divine Compliments/Equals Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin are feminine expressions of the Father/Light Energy.
They are all here now, along with many other Ascended Masters and beings of Light from all over the galaxy assisting with this glorious transformation.
Together we have cleared all lifetimes in one life time and fully anchored in the New Golden Age of Abundance/Heaven on Earth.
Mission Impossible
Mission Accomplished
All that remains is for each to clear misalignments, distortions or programs still held within the vessel.
As we fully release all that no longer serves/all that binds the heart we will experience rapid transformation on the physical plane. Earth is rapidly transforming back to the glorious paradise it was always intended to be.
As Within
So Without
Earth = Heart
Heaven on earth the Eternal dance of Love and Light
Welcome HomeThe Best is Yet to Come


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