News and Views – 7-8-20


We Were Told The Battles We Would Face, People Are Rising Up For Freedom 

: 10-1/2 min video: Ben Swann – “Congress Sells Out U S Troops, Refusing To Again End Afghanistan War”

 NaturalNews: “Trump executive order to require drugs be made in the U.S. is reportedly imminent”

 Reader: France Releases Video on New Radiation Regulations and Exposure Risks from Laptops, Tablets, Other Devices

 53-min video: “Stefan Molyneux interviewed by the Health Ranger on censorship, philosophy and the freedom to think”

 Social distancing and facial masks have been burned into the public’s consciousness for months. How do we reverse that? (

Jon Rappoport: “My investigation of COVID-19

Head of the Snake – Epstein Victims Expose Connections To The Rich And Powerful 

What A COVID 19 Test Result Actually MEANS


 General Flynn takes WWG1WGA Oath? Boom!

List of 59 Chinese apps Banned in India- WeChat, TikTok and More 

 U.S. ‘looking at’ banning TikTok and Chinese social media apps, Pompeo says

How Jesuits and George Soros Are Instigating the American Border Crisis

 ‘Sneak Preview’ — Trump To Sign Executive Orders On China, American Manufacturing, Immigration And Prescription Drug Prices

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