The First Contact Ground Crew Team – Preparing for Embodiment – by Aurora


Daily Discoveries Through Sessions 7~5~20: Preparing for Embodiment

By: The First Contact Ground Crew Team


By: Aurora 

Pre surgery with A for his second surgery. he had the first surgery and felt a lot shift for him but he is now still struggling with a lot of back pain and he’s not sure if theres more density there. he said he will let me know what day is good next week for his follow ups and will let me know of any other symptoms that come up.

Follow up session with J for her second surgery and her children’s surgeries. June feels a lot better now she said she’s had alot of chest pressure but the past few days it has been releasing and the pain in her shoulders and neck have also released. She’s been having a lot of purging happening but she feels a lot lighter now so she is happy and her children are doing much better she said they’ve been more kind to each other and her 6 year old E said she had a dream mother and father came to her and said they needed her to start training and she’s seen Moms starship.. i asked her if she had any info on Mom’s ascension hahaa she said she has seen warriors in the forest around moms house protecting “something” very interesting. 

Pre surgery for second surgery for Colton, he feels physically really good since the first surgery except some minor headaches but he has felt like he still has blocks to accessing his full intuition. he did his first tree meditation yesterday and that really helped him, he’s tried to do automatic writing and feels like its blocked. put his follow up in for Thursday.

Follow up session with J. She’s felt a shift since her surgery but she also had deep fear she hadn’t let go of yet and grief that was clearing now. She was married for 38 years and felt very disempowered so spoke a lot about that and gaining her own independence and spending moments now on self reflection and transformation. She is very grateful for the surgery to find beings she can talk to and her angels have been guiding her to look for places in Maui. She’s def feeling moms Hawaii ping.

By: Hope 

Did M’s second surgery follow up. He shared his recent experiences and blocks and how every deep programming he knew he had came out of full force with one of his spiritual teachers who he had a falling out with since finding Mom. He realized how he had to look at his unworthiness and that with Mom he is capable of being as grand as he know he is but he’s held himself back. He’s so grateful for the help and clarity of the second surgery and sends all his love to Mom 

Did E’s second surgery follow up. She shared her experiences which she recognized she was feeling blocked and even that she was going backwards. She had lost her motivation to be creative and could see the blocks but not pinpoint them. After the second surgery she felt these blocks go away and now she has motivation to create again and is in a lot more joy. She’s grateful for Mom and she’s excited to get more involved with LoveHasWon again.

By: George 

Follow up session with L for a second surgery session. She did not recieve a follow up for her first surgery session so the angels compiled the information for both sessions for me to share with her . Massive breakthroughs and releases. Angels broke things down in detail for her even the age and encounters that brought these on. She resonated with 100% everything the angels shared and was so relieved at the end of the call. Shes very grateful to you Mom and she loves Lovehaswon so Much!

Surgery Follow for B in Australia. He resonated when it was shared with him that the continued habits and refusal to change intentions and choices after the first surgery remanifested alot of what was worked on in the first surgery. Gave him guidance on how to change this and examples to assist in keeping him in high vibration throughout the day.


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