Light is Returning to Our Planet – via Love Has Won – 7-3-20

By Pars Kutay


Light is Returning to Our Planet

By Pars Kutay

As we allow our SELVES to experience and to feel the Magnificence of these incoming Divine Energies, we are reminded of the Energy of our own Spiritual Nature.

It is a time for us to triumph, to integrate the LIGHT of our deepest inner Knowing into the matrix of the energy of physicality and perceptions of darkness in the world of form.

LIGHT is Returning to our planet, but you see dear ones, LIGHT is also Returning to us.

It is a Brave and Noble SOUL who journeys into the lands of duality. Understanding the mystery and the confusion that is created, when it seems to us do not know our way Home.

But the map, the route, the journey, is woven into the fabric of our DNA, and our DNA is Awakening, and it is through this process that we come to terms with the Truth of our Essential Nature.

We are an emanation of LIGHT and information. Our SOULs have coded information to allow experiences of a certain nature in the fields of duality, and we are integrating these experiences into the land of Wisdom.

There are many who have come before us and who will come after us, who have demonstrated the power of integrated Union. And to us, as a planetary BEing, we’ll recognize this incarnation as an Ascended Master.

A Master is someone who has Awareness. A Master is someone who understands the Truer nature of Reality. A Master is someone who is capable of incarnating a HIGHER Consciousness thought-form and way of BEing.

In a world of duality, this Masterful way of BEing is an anomaly, and is misunderstood. But to someone who has achieved this level of wisdom and understanding, through trial and error, through experience and through Galactic support, the mystery is unveiled.

Spiritual Mastery is not the same as third-dimensional mastery, for it is not a space of control and manipulation. It is a space of profound Wisdom and Understanding. And we understand through our experiences that the Mastery that we contain is the Balance within our own BEing.

And when we allow our SELVES to remain in this space of Balance and Elevated vibration, all that is Good can flow to us. It is said you will BE given everything you need at every moment in time as it is needed.

The Universe is Benevolent and Supports us in Fullness when we remain Aligned Energetically in this way. As we learn to stand in this space of LIGHTED Presence, we are BEginning to integrate into the physical form of our body a Higher LIGHT.

For we are BEing introduced into the LIGHT of a HIGHER Knowing.

As we move into Attunement with this ever-growing Field of the Master’s Consciousness on the planet, it BEcomes a space of personal support.

Remember this – not just in a moment of Grace, as we experience in such a transmission, but in every Waking Moment of our lives, especially when we find our SELVES moving out of Balance and Remembrance.

And we allow this Energy, our Knowingness of the presence of this Energy, to work with us, to Support us, to Nourish us, to Encourage us, to Correct us, to Embrace us, to Love us, to Teach us, and to bring us Home.

Home into the Heart. Home into that Center Place of our BEing where we understand all that we search for, all that we wish to Know and to understand is contained in the LIGHT within us.

As we move more and more into Resonance with this Field, we undergo a Unification.

We also undergo a Union – a Union with the Human Family, the Planetary Family, the Galactic Family.

We undergo a Profound Evolution that allows us to rekindle an understanding of the nature of Consciousness and our role as a BEing of LIGHT in the world of form.

You might consider this a process of profound Attunement.

And the Waves of vibration, the cycles of energy, the Field of support, will continue to work with you – Energetically and Physically – in mind and in matter – in the days, the weeks, the months, and even the years to come.

This is a process for which we have crossed the threshold and we are deeply embedded within. We are moving into the future which is unknown and yet Magical.

We are at the very BEginning of these days of the NEW World and the NEW Time.

Let’s BE Patient and BE Understanding. Allow the world around us to move through the oscillations through which it needs to go to dismantle, to understand, to develop, and to enhance, as it is prepared to BEcome Something NEW.

We are well footed on our path. We will navigate the days ahead with LOVE and with WISDOM, and we will BEgin to see a Beautiful NEW World BEgin to take shape through the LIGHT of our Collective BEing.

With Sacred LOVE of ONE,


Author: Higher Density Blog

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