Jupiter Conjunct Pluto – 6-30-20 – via Ashtar Command Crew

By Dawn of Astrology


The year of 2020 heralds a series of Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions, occurring between April and November, in the sign of Capricorn. The significant, expansive power of Jupiter coupled with the dismantling and dissolving energies of Pluto produces an unstoppable power of transformation. With this cycle occurring in the sign of Capricorn, the very structures of operating in our daily lives will change. Where and how we work, learn, shop, worship, and govern our affairs will cease to function as they have up until this time for us. The systems that have been our source of support will begin a new and improved function.

The first conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto occurred on April 4th at 25° of Capricorn, when both planets were direct. This initiated the extreme changes of epic proportion that were about to unfold in our world. The second conjunction occurs on June 30th, at the same degree of Capricorn, with both planets now in retrograde. These retrograde phases allows us to adjust to the integration of the massive changes that are taking place. We are provided a pause, to reflect, and release the outdated parts of our past that no longer serve a beneficial purpose. These changes are occurring on a personal, interval level as well as an outwardly, on a collective level. The third, and final conjunction will occur on November 12th at 23° of Capricorn, after Jupiter and Pluto are direct. When both planets are out of retrograde and moving forward, we will have a better understanding of how to work with the vast array of changes that have inundated our existence.

When the benefic planet Jupiter conjuncts the power planet Pluto, it is a catalyst for a heightened understanding of ourselves and what we value. It is an intense time of Spiritual growth, a process of deep, and sometimes dark, inner transformation. Jupiter is a truth seeker that helps us to discover the root cause of issues that need to change in order for us to evolve. It is truly a regeneration of possibility through the renewal of our Vision. Through this metamorphosis we are creating new structures of stability in our lives. The birthing process is often times mess.


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