Poetic Justice

(Let there be Light)


A study recently published in Scientific Reports, conducted by researchers at Columbia University, has suggested that types of ultraviolet light could kill airborne coronavirus particles.

Lead researcher Dr. David Brenner toldReutersthat ceiling fixtures emitting a safe form of ultraviolet light called far-UVC could work to protect areas from the coronavirus.

“A very low exposure to far-UVC light killed well over 99.9% of the exposed virus,” Brenner said.

In the study, the researchers tested far-UVC lights on coronavirus particles, then later collected the samples and analyzed them to see how many were still active. However, it is important to note that it was not the COVID-19 coronavirus that was tested in the study. There are a variety of different corornaviruses, which includes the common cold, SARS, COVID, and others, but Brenner says that they are killed by far-UVC light.

“In our subsequent ongoing…

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