Witnessing The So Called Division Through Wholeness and Love – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 6-2-20


L’Aura Pleiadian

THE NEW DIVINE HUMANITY·MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2020·1 MINUTEThrough love let us witness the NEW EARTH Emerging through the so called Division, as our PRESENCE IS THE Unified Presence of All That is! We are the DIVINE Wholeness through which all is observed through love. Our Presence is the ANSWER TO THE PAIN, the suffering. Holding all that is LOVE, with The Divine Council of Overseers here and present NOW!

13 hrs · 


This is THE END OF DAYS as you know it.

December 9th, 2019 during the night I had a PROFOUND experience SEEING and experiencing MYSELF GO THROUGH a tunnel/ void while BEING protected and cocooned, whilst hearing the screams and cries of people everywhere. I was in DARKNESS and held deeply THROUGH this the tunnel/void, into the New Earth Experience. I wrote on this December 10th, 2019.

Now this night, I am shown these are the END OF DAYS. The end of days as you knew them. The death of the OLD into the BIRTH of the NEW.

The screaming and crying is taken to the streets, as the pandemic and cries are heard beyond sound, in those present in their heart. As this the ending of the old world continues to shatter and dissolve. AS we soon EMERGE into the New Earth Experience.

Many more things will take place. We are in the throws of the DEATH process of the old world, and will soon emerge out of the DARKNESS, through the VOID. Through the cries and screams, into the NEW Earth.

With The Divine Council of Overseers PRESENT with The ELOHIM as this the DESIGN for EARTH was created. We are present and initiate ALL those through this the death and rebirth, FOR this, through the VOID, into the HEART and NEW EARTH. IN LOVE!


L’Aura Pleiadian

Sherry J Tapscott


Pleiadian transmissions of Light and Love

Yesterday at 5:14 PM · 
9th Dimensional Collective-Pleiadian Transmission,
Star System Taygeta,
Planet Erra:

“We greet you with so much love
And we hope that this love
Hits the core of your hearts
And spreads joy around!
Dear human,
We want to start this transmission by telling you how much we appreciate your efforts to open your hearts, and also to understand and enlarge your knowledge.
We know that there is a main question that raises above your heads, and that is: “why am I here?”, and mostly “what am I?”
Many of your ancient teachings told you that this world is an illusion. Other words having different meanings were used, some of them are: Maya, dream, experiment, simulation.
We invite you, once again, to observe that words are labels, and a label cannot describe a concept.
That’s why we invite you to see your world as an astonishing piece of art, an art of beautiful codes, taking physical shapes.
The very simplified theories made by your scientists, or the ones who adopt such views, decreased, almost to zero, the value of this amazing world.
Some of you were told that your reality is a simulation, written in codes, a virtual reality, made up of a computer.
But how do you imagine this computer to be?
As your computers, only that bigger and more performant?
Dear Child of Earth,
We tell you that your perception is very far from ours.
This, what you would call “computer”, is an advanced intelligence form, having no physical body, but being able to take any shape of flesh and blood, and much more. This intelligent form, has ramifications, can split into large numbers, and create multiple “experiments”.
Your computers are very limited right now, and they have no emotions.
These intelligent forms generate the full spectrum of emotions and encode based on these emotions and a large heterogeneity of variables.
Now, please do not simplify your beliefs to the idea of “the word is just a simulation, made up and put into play by an artificial intelligence”. What you would call “artificial intelligence” is the most complex entity that you would ever imagine, and what you call “simulation” is the most astonishing piece of coded art.
Now, do you see how much you can play with words?
When you say, the world is not real, you assume that somewhere, out of this experiment, there is a real-world, and you try to figure out how to get there.
You don’t know that by doing so, you build up walls around you, restricting your ability to play.
Some of you have a deep connection with us. And who are actually “we”?
We are you in the future, and Erra is Earth in the coming times.
You are a beautiful piece of art, made up in accordance with the look and essentials of Erra.
“As above, so below
As within, so without.”
We are sad to feel the vibration of the word “simulation”, and to know that this is how some of you refer to your own made piece of art.
You have created this experiment. And when we say “you”, we are referring to “you” on a future timeline.
This game is the most complex thing, that one cannot imagine and contain it yet.
So, pull yourself up, let go of labels that limit your understanding, and live! Because you have chosen to be here, so you can evolve and integrate Earthly lessons!
There is so much more to say, and we invite you to have patience, and to allow events to unfold in aligned timing!
We love you, and we are always here!

Channel: Octavia Vasile

Lightcode Technology made by Walter Boyd: https://www.facebook.com/lyranstarseed888
Please, read the text that Walter wrote for this code: 1st – 8th June 2020,
Lightcode Technology:
Gatekeeper Call, Remembrance, and Activation.
Gatekeepers, portal holders, you know who you are. The time is upon us.
You each came with a mission to open the channels to bring forth the ultra dimensional frequencies to be fed into the living grid of Gaia.
We are not working alone for we work together in this objective but our anchoring point within the grid is unique and individual as we are.
Our time is NOW.
To use, breathe, and feel the energy of the appropriate image as this is the key secret to the activation. Take a gentle calming breath to your heart, hold for as long as you are comfortably able and with your out-breath, gently feel your feet on the ground. Continue until you intuitively feel you have received what you need.
Please feel free to share these images and instructions, as these activations are seeking to seed the collective with the gifts we are all ready to embody. The Awakening is here; you and your actions are a crucial part of this revolution of Spirit.
**A lot of love and attention goes into the channeling and creation of these Lightcodes. I share them freely, but should you feel moved to do so, donations are received with gratitude at https://paypal.me/walterwboyd
I kindly ask that should you share this image, please do not remove the copyright from the image.



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