THE QUANTUM SHIFT – Sam Mugzzi with Kent Dunt and Guest – 6-2-20

Sam Mugzzi

More Galactic information and RV news. We will have the link for Kent’s new show shortly. Until then, he is still working with Sam on the Quantum Shift.

Starting next week, we will be introducing Gary. He is going to help us to explore our history and the untold truths about this planet/ship.

Don’t worry, Kent will be giving us the galactic updates on a weekly basis so we don’t miss anything.

Please look into working with you community to help those in dire need. We have a lot of broken families that want to keep the kids together and could really use a helpful hand.

This is a great time to do a deep cleaning. We still have some chemtrail dust in our homes and we don’t want to keep breathing it.

Enjoy your new world. WE have a lot more coming in so prepare for changes.

Surprise Discussion about a New King For England!

Updates on News in USA.

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