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The Unity Window…. This update is huge, too!

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Perhaps the hardest post to write. To even attemp to define. There is no definition of current potential embodiment stages, or the embodiment stage of the energetic essence of “BEAUTY”. But I will try…


All my life I felt a neutrality to being feminine and masculine energy. To explain, I didn’t play with feminine dolls, or masculine action men dolls, I played with teddy bears. You get the picture. So upon awakening, I was already neutral. I couldn’t define the two as separate, as I saw ‘energy qualities’, as opposed to form. Already balanced in humanised feminine and masculine energy. I see beyond form. Over the years of embodiment I have learnt to understand that these aspects ARE what we can loosely describe as ‘Qualities’ of energy. Where Feminine energy, allows for certain ‘qualities’ or energetic functions to occur, and thus express. Where Masculine energy has different qualities, that allow for different functions and expresssions to occur. Balancing the two QUALIITIES is part of the the human embodiment process. We balance and so become neutral. All of it. Where:
FEMININE = Magnetism expresses and functions, Red. Minus. In.
MASCULINE = Electric expresses and functions, Blue. Plus. Out.
We can go on to define those qualities as much as the mind wants to. Add descriptions from the human mind. But ultimately, it is two energy types, integrated, to become in equalness, in balance of the two energies, a neutral human being, in whatever physical vessel, outer shell, we chose at soul level, for this particular incarnation. We choose a Male or Female physical human ‘suit’ dependent on what the soul wishes to accomplish this particular incarnation.

We are at a collective timeline stage where the potential to access the INNER FEMININE DIVINE TEMPLE is now possible. It’s an embodiment stage. This is a quiet inner place (room) accessed within our Feminine Energy (regardless of gender). To try and describe it, it’s almost as if we have an INNER TEMPLE we can walk in, within. It is a sacred space within. Our wisdom, magic, energy, presence, can be experienced there. It is a VERY SACRED and MYSTERICAL space. A sanctum. An energetic space ONLY we can access. No other walks within our own temple. It’s like having a room (or temple) within us we can go into. Where we can be. When in this room, we are not observing or interacting with the outer world. Or any other reality. In this access, our INNER TEMPLE IS the ONLY reality in the moment we are in it. We walk within our OWN Inner Temple. A place within us, of peace, honouring our presence, of harmony. A non speaking, non thinking place to EXPRESS the BEINGNESS of ourself within, honouring our human Higher Self as the divine feminine energy Presence. This space opens more and more, the more we enter this INNER TEMPLE. As we go, there will be people on Gaia, who LIVE, WALK, BE, EXPRESS to the WHOLE, from their Inner Temple. They will be quiet people, of few words, as they BE, express, GIVE, of extreme, power-filled, energetic presence on Gaia. In service to the Whole.

After we have embodied unconditional love, there is another embodiment stage (there’s always infinitely more to embody). To try and define Love, Love is an energy and frequency, embodied to varying degrees of that energy. It is the energy ESSENCE of Source/Creator/God. So we embody more and more degrees of Love that get integrated within the HUMAN and as a state of being consciously expanding as:
SOURCE Energy INTEGRATED into PHYSICAL energy INTEGRATED with our SOUL energy. 3. The human Trintiy in body. This 3 into 1, then allows for the integration of the energetic essence we can label “BEAUTY”. And there’s divine perfect reason (design) why we then embody this energetic essence termed “BEAUTY”.

We begin to feel another TYPE of energy WITHIN our BODY. And we try and define it to ourselves. In truth, it can’t be defined. There are no words for this stage. The physical and etherical energy that is felt within the physical body yet also the mind, could be labelled as “Beauty”. As we explore this FEELING WITHIN, we can question why we are feeling a profound BEAUTY within the whole of our human self. We may for a moment think it is OUR OWN human ‘Beauty’. But we realise…it has no identity. It is not part of the human personality. The energetic we feel, an ENERGY, (I emphasise it’s an ENERGY), has no identity. It is not human. Not part of our personality type. It is energy. Yet we feel this within the human body, mind and embodied Soul. At this point, we realise the “Beauty” felt within our body, mind and Soul, is not our self. It is not singular to the human ‘me’. It is ANOTHER aspect of, DIVINE ESSENCE, we can describe as “Beauty”. Feeling the “Beauty” as energy WITHIN, is a short stage, because it soon extends to WITHOUT.



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