A Peaceful Prayer For A Smooth Transition – Written and Decreed by Mother of All Creation


Transcribed With Love By:
Archeia Angela & Her Angels

A Peaceful Prayer For A Smooth Transition Into The Universal Unity Government Based On Truth and Equality On Planet Earth = Heart & Based On Love For All Living Beings, Truth and ONEness.

“In Deep Gratitude, We Wish To Share A MOMent of Peaceful Prayer To The Current ILLusiONary beLIEf Systems and Send Them Loving Energies for Their Complete Dissolvement. They Have Played Their Roles and Are No Longer Needed In The New Paradigm. The People Are The Real Government As Decreed, and Now We Are In This Process of Complete Manifestation. All of Humanity Are Free In Love, Threw Divine BirthRight and Will Each Begin To Live True Spiritual Life’s of Peace and Pure Unconditional Love. The Current Social beLIEf Systems Are Corrupt and Does Not Support Life. All Which Does Not Support Life For The Highest Good of All Is Dessolving.

So These Are The Words For Humanity, The Prayer…

I Now Ask That All of Humanities “I AM” Presence Step Forward and That Their Every Thought, Word and Deed Be A Mirror of The Love They Hold For All Beings Including Themselves. I Ask That Peace, Harmony, Happiness and Abundance Be Returned To All of God’s Children. I Ask For A Peaceful and Smooth Transition Into A Universal Government In Support of Love For All of Us, As One! I Ask and Give Permission That ILLusiON Fades Quickly Now… And The Real Light Steps Forward On Planet Earth=Heart, The Reality of Our Love. I Ask and Give Permission That My “I AM” Presence Step Forward and That My Every Thought, My Every Word and My Every Deed Is Forever In Accordance With The Divine Plan and Love Everywhere Present, The True Reality I Step Into The River of Life As One Love, One River Flowing Together, As ONE.
Welcome To The Awakening As Decreed…
And So It Is On Earth As It Is In Heaven and So It Is and So Shall Be Forevermore, With Father Sky and Mother Earth and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.
End Transmission In All Love Is Unconditionally We Are So In Love With Humanity.
Thank You For Being Love.
Thank You For Choosing Love.
Because You Are Love and We Stand With You Equally In That.”

Love Note: This Was Lovingly Transcribed For All’s Highest Good From Our Beloved MotherGod’s (Momma’s) Following Video: https://youtu.be/w1WFiGzyI94
Please Feel Free To Read This Out Loud Daily… In Unity With Momma… While You Listen To Momma Reading It. This Sacred and Very Powerful and Will Assist To Bring Forth The Many Energies Momma’s Intended and Decreed To Come.

Thank You Beloved Soul For Your Participation. Angels & I Love You All So.


Written and Decreed By: Mother of All Creation

Author: Higher Density Blog

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