Sananda – Run From The Sun – 6-30-20 – courtesy of Rose Rambles .org


By: Heru Paule LeBreto


And yes, the “time” is at hand when there will be magnificent changes, rebirthing, tribulation and meeting of responsibility. For the Father has sent them which have guarded the Earth for her duration, and they have NOT been sleeping. They have not forgotten their identity, for they are trustworthy and they have been entrusted with guidance from the Earth and her destiny. She has not gone awry for naught, nor has she been on an orgy of man’s definition, for she has gone the way of her ORDAINED COURSE; and it for the good of all that she shall move out into a new berth (place) for from her solar sun shall she run, FOR THEREIN IS DANGER WITHIN THE FUTURE; FOR IT IS GIVEN UNTO THE ORB WHICH YE CALL “SUN” TO EXPLODE WITHIN ITS ORBIT. In this there is great wisdom, for the sun has fulfilled the cycle which was ordained unto the sun.



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