A Crack in Time / Reset Time – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 5-31-20


These Are Sacred Moments – Akatu  ~ Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

“Friends Of Planet Earth!

We Greet You In The Highest Honor!

As The Energies Ramp Up Further, You Will Understand Life Is Changing As Never Before!

The Expanded State Of Awareness Is Experienced In The Moment, And Surrenders In The Moment!

The Higher Understandings And Heightened Perceptions Of The Expanded Self Become Integrated Into One’s Conscious Awareness.

And One Is Able To Make The Shift That Enables One To Transcend The Limitations That Bind One To An Earthbound Existence.

One Is Able To Vibrate At A Higher State Of Being, While Retaining Physical Form!

Indeed This Is Magnificent!

This Is What You Refer To As Ascension!

In The State Of Being Your Soul Will Be The Complete Navigator As Your Body Instantly Shifts Into The Origin Of Creation!

In Perfection You Were Created And In Magnificence You Will Remain!

This Has Always Been The Sacred Plan For Humanity!

To Become, To Explore And Expand;

Then Return With Experience And Depth And A Sense Of Unity With All Of Creation!

This Is Your Moment And All Will Unfold As It Should!

Look To The Light Of Your Creator To Guide You,

As Your Friends From Higher Realms Remain With You! +++

Indeed These Are Sacred Moments!

Enjoy And Love One Another!

I Love You So!”

~These Are Sacred Moments – Akatu – Pleiadian Collective
by Disclosure News


Akashic readings expand.

New cycles open up.

Specific traumas are cured.

Internal reorganizations lead to leap.

Mirroring continues, as central luminosity arrives.

Pairings with the past bring opportunities.

Cracks in time are purposely made.

Internal collections generate external pressures…

Viral discontinuations are evident +.

Artificial are exposed.

Ancient clones are evidenced to Terrans.

Attention *The Tzigan Line! Support for Projector of Illumination started: 90% (non-regressive).

Terrans rearrange themselves for the leap.

Galactic Zone arrives.

Temporarily, end of transmission.”


Judith Kusel

May 28 at 11:19 AM

All is in a state of transition now.
A deep flux and flow as all is being rearranged and reinvented.
I am most certainly experiencing this profoundly today, as I quietly sat and thanked the old life for serving me, as I welcome in a new life and new beginnings.
We are going through such huge shifts that we need to release the old life and the old way of living, with love
As we shift we will experience moments of fragility, fragileness. We are like new born babies in a totally higher dimensional form, yet come fulle equipped for the new life.
Let us now surrender to Divine as we allow ourselves to be stretched and grown into the new.
Judith Kusel
Photo Jean Jean-Luc Bozz


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