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via unityoness2013


And here we go, leaving yet another month in our wake. Or, is it leaving us in its wake? As we exit May we head straight into a lunar eclipse on June 5th. This eclipse is the bookend to the new moon we recently came thru in May. There is so many particles of quantum energy, symbols and codes being given to so many I have been reading for on the field as they prep for the eclipse.

I have been seeing this coming eclipse as a three day, black out event starting June 4th and ending on June 6th. Some will have an intense energy profusion while others get to relax and just skate thru it.

I have found thru the readings this month that so many of you met and exceeded the challenges placed in your field, all for the acknowledgement of your mastery. With the challenges came intense releases of energies from the earth for some, from the moon others and the sun or quantum space for yet others.

Another interesting piece of May energies is… as most of the world is watching (what appears to be) the sky falling (of which, no higher good will come) others, my others (smile) have been intensely paying attention to their field, their strength, their inner and outer growth which will give way to increased abilities and rewards as we come out of the eclipse.

I had one amazing lady I read for this week, where her team was aerating her entire field, and placing seeds that will be germinated thru the eclipse. Her team had told her to assist, placing her seeds of desire within the openings because we do get to have what we desire as humans too (most of the time, lol.)

Of course, for some of us, there has been what, I as a human, can consider the downside. My lower back has hurt more than ever before and sleep, OMG have I been sleeping. But i am not the only one. So many I have talked to have had these same adjustments in their human field.

I am always looking to rule out anything within the human field, so I did a sleep study a few weeks ago. I get the results of that study today.

I am sure there is a lot of information I am forgetting, I have been increasingly suffering from CRS (can’t remember shit) and for that, please forgive me.

Considering that I cannot see thru the eclipse of anything beyond it, not sure how productive these next few days will be in the field of readings. But then again, I am consistently surprised, so we will see. With that said tho, feel free to reschedule if you feel the desire.

I love and appreciate each and every one of you so much!!!

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and deLight to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

PS.  I am having some very weird glitches with google voice.  I have contacted google and we are working on restoring my stuff.  If you have not recieved your recording, please email me with the phone number you called from (that is how google stores them) so when it is resolved, I can get them all out.  Thank you for your patience and understanding with this.  ((((HUGZ)))

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