Simone Matthews – Divine Men – The Grace of the Masculine

– Simone M. Matthews 

There is so much beauty in the world in this moment.. can you feel it ?

In fact, I have been feeling so very loved up of late by the Divine Men of this world, generous of Heart Men that taken to a whole new level the reverent mastery of sacred union with their Masculine & Feminine.

At a time when the world seems to have fallen into a gravely dark abyss of polarised thinking, I have been inspired, uplifted and brought to tears in recent weeks by men who radiate a new vision of wholeness… a deep LOVE of inter-being.

Over the weekend, as I was reflecting on the amazing men that have touched my life in recent weeks… that gratitude turned into this pinkest most magickal of winter sunsets… reflecting EXACTLY how I was feeling… oh so loved!

Sharing my heartfilled Sunset… and some great articles, podcasts & videos featuring amazing men !

by simone m matthews


Author: Higher Density Blog

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