We Become Co-Creators of Life with God – via Love Has Won

By Andre Majer


We Become Co-Creators of Life with God

By Andre Majer

The more stubborn someone is and resists the changes in life, the more pain and suffering awaits him on his life path. I say this to myself now as I have been exceptionally stubborn most of my life.Let me explain how this classroom of life or improvement works. We are directly connected to all the people we meet in life, and they just give us what they have accepted from us.

Initially, we give energy from ourselves to them and then that energy becomes visible so that we can perceive and feel it.So everything that happens to us and comes into our field of perception is caused by ourselves by emitting our energy out into the world. When we do this unconsciously, the emission of our energy is destructive. In the unconscious, we transmit everything that is not divine and moral.From this, then, suffering and pain are manifested, which is then our teacher, and through painful states it transforms us from an unconscious state of existance into pure consciousness.

No one from the outside ever does anything to us by chance. Coincidences do not exist in this school which is created in perfect mathematical precision.As long as we believe in coincidences, we are still in a state of the victim and then we do not create life consciously. The purpose of this stay in this school is to become fully conscious. With this awareness, we come to know the part of God in us that is connected to the main Creator of all creation.

From this point on, we become co creators of life with God, and we are in state of constant bliss.


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