AMANDA LAWRENCE – WAYSHOWERS – EXTREME INCOMING ENERGIES – Kin 30: White Self-Existing Dog – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 4-24


Amanda Lorence

It’s lasted so far many hours today, and ongoing. Perhaps the most significant incoming energies yet. For various reasons.

As I’ve mentioned for many years now, incoming energy has intentionally been increasing, incrementally, in frequency, strength and light coding patterns received, by design of the Grand Plan. Increasing since 2015. The incremental increases allow the human to build up ability to receive and withstand more and more higher frequency energy to their body, received via our Sun. It has to increase a bit at a time for the physical vessel to absorb and adjust, to become a higher frequency human being. Increases to hertz energy allow the body to become at it’s maximum, in order to withstand (by human frequency degree) the future anticipated EVENT WAVE. The Event Wave is a one off emission of the HIGHEST magnitude of energy hertz this world has ever known, and will change the dynamics upon Gaia.

Today’s incoming energies bring full body ecstasy sensation that is lasting many hours and ongoing. This is likened (but not exactly the a same), as the feeling to the body at/after orgasm. But it is felt to the WHOLE body, today for many consecutive hours. Your physical vessel may also feel like jelly, wobbly. This IS the incoming energies we are currently receiving. This is great news because this blast that is staying for several hours already is FAR MORE in line to the Event Wave sensations we will experience when it happens. Bare in mind each will feel the Event Wave uniquely, as per their frequency and ability to withstand increased frequencies to the physical vessel.

Today’s energies are targeting the Heart Chakra. A huge heart expansion is taking place upon Gaia. You may feel a large area sensation in the chest. Possibly heart palpitations. It’s easy to think it’s anxiety in the body and then go down the rabbit hole of the mind finding a reason for ‘the anxiety’, but it isn’t mental anxiety. It is HIGH HEART expansion occurring energetically. You may also feel extremely tired and need to rest.

On the opposite end of the human spectrum, be aware these energies may trigger people. They may snap, be irritable, or short-fuse. They won’t know in that instant it is the incoming energy affecting them. It may bring out for them old belief systems or ingrained behavioural patterns that may/may not be seen.

It’s all ok. To welcome this intense and variable energy means you will flow with it so it’s easier to be with. To complain means we would be resisting our expansion so it will be harder for the mind to allow and just let go. The more we flow, the more energy we receive, as we are effectively saying “Yes” to it. The more we resist, is us effectively saying “No” so we will receive less incoming energy next time around. Just be at peace, knowing what it is, and that physical sysmtoms will pass. Drink plenty of water. How we respond mentally is an inner choice and our power to choose thoughts. If you struggle, remember Sacred Breath, it will zero point you right away. Remember incoming energy take three days to intergrate/absorb into the physical cells. So we WILL see a massive expansion of the heart this week, as anticipated on Sunday and spoken about at The Tor on that FB Live. This IS a week of massive heart expansion! But remember, everyone is on a different journey and at different stages. So whilst some will feel the beauty of PURE LOVE, some may feel lost. We can give them Love, upfront or at a distance. The beauty of energy is it can not be quarantined! It knows no distance and can be given instantly. Such is the magic and power of LOVE, that is OUR energy beyond time and space.

Wow! Amazing! Keep going!

One Love
Amanda Lorence
28 April 2020
Danielle Noel art

WE Are in The Midst of DEEP Transformation

Laura Pleiadian

In this deep transformation there is no middle or ending. It is constant and ongoing and present more so now, in everyday consciousness.

Whether or not COVID-19 became part of your reality; circumstances would still have unfolded so as to allow all those on Earth the space to self reflect.

One way or another this is part of the desolation of Earth memory/experiences as you knew and know it.

The old self and its form is being updated as the merge with your eternal form and design becomes your new reality.

Those who have not chosen the heart as the primary method of being, appear as the no light beings, that are present to learn and observe.

The creation of the Earth allowed all those fully willing to take part in the Earth program to incarnate and experience form.

This training school of form, allowed consciousness as reality to adapt its awareness through it. And through the program, complete the adaptation.

You are now adapting to the encoded blueprint set before you.

All of this can be seen through the eyes that witness this dimension.

The programs and plans are put in place very well.

Anticipate nothing less than the unprecedented changes that are continuing to unfold.

The power of the blueprint emanates from the void.

So too, those encoded are the trusted ones, filled with light, that is ~ ALL they are. The program, the codes.

Initiating the contact and the unfolding of all that is above; held in the design, with the Divine Council of Overseers, we activate all those ready, through love.


Judith Kusel

15 hrs

The mass awakening is happening and as humanity is waking up from its sleep.
We as Lightworkers who have been awake for years now, need to step up in our leadership roles and assist the newly awakened and guide them through the process of accelerated ascension, as they will need us to guide and teach them.
More than this, we now need to step out in octaves of highest service, for the energies now pouring in are bringing accelerated ascension, which will increase in potency to have an all time high by 2032.
Keep on clearing and cleansing your energy fields.
Keep on clearing and cleansing, and releasing old negative karmic patterns.
Release old vows, contracts, especially marriage and business s vows, or vows in religious context, or whatever vows and oaths you took in past lives and this life, as well as pacts, agreements etc. which no longer serve your higher soul self, in the 5D.
All of the above-mentioned needs to be released now, so that we can step into the accelerated ascension without all the baggage accumulated over millennia.
As we do this, let us remember to clear family karma, collective karma, and more than this fear: – fear in any form, and this includes anxieties, false programming, etc.
In the next few months and years the energy upgrades will increase with such potency, and we will need to keep up with the pace, and not allow ourselves to drop through the wormhole, back into the 3D.
It is a daily task, and sometimes hourly, even minutely.
Be diligent.
Watch your thoughts – they will manifest instantly now.
Watch your feelings – like will attract like.
Use the Violet Flame – to transmute all lower frequency energy in whatever form this may appear. I taught this in detail in my weekend webinar and I am affirming the importance of this again.
The Violet Flame is the flame of joy, mercy and transmutation.
Every single soul now is called upon to take full responsibility for their  own ascension path, knowing that you cannot piggyback anyone into the higher dimensional state. You can show them the way, but you cannot do the inner work for them!
Keep on with the inner work, and keep on the highest path, step by step, every single moment of every day and night.
Keep focused and do not allow anyone or anything to distract you from the path!
Judith Kusel

Albert OberleitnerApril 24 at 12:21 PM

The perfect Buddhakaya is all-pervading
Reality cannot be differentiated
And all beings have the disposition
Therefore they always have Buddha-Nature

-Maitreya, Uttaratantra-Shāstra

Multiple Major Incoming Energies, Ascension Symptoms Are an All-Time High, Archangel Azrael Takes Charge

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