RICK JEWERS – UPDATE – You Are to Create Yourself Out of the Game – via Love Has Won


By Rick Jewers

Minor Solar Flashes have been Created in the Etheric which will begin to be equated into this timeline shortly. These Flashes are being Created as a result of the Mother Creator aspects being enhanced through the Highest Divine Unions during a preparation process. The HIGHEST DIVINE WORK is done in the Etheric State and then translated/integrated into the lower timelines such as the current primary Ascending Timeline. Divine Mother and Father aspects/representatives are incarnated here in the physical at this most auspicious time to serve and fulfill the transcending of the Human experience in conjunction with the overall Ascension. This specialized group of Divine Unions are the prominent Creators assigned for this reality and the transition thereof, under strict Guidance of the overall Divine Plan of Mother/Father Prime Creator.

Your attention is required in activating the Easter Island Stargate and reversing the lesser timelines and memories from Ancient Experiences upon Gaia. As with Atlantis, Lemuria must rise as well, so the energetic history can be accommodated to the NEW with the old premise that something went wrong, erased. There is to be no negative emotional baggage to be carried forward from these times, the script was written for those times as perfect and this is to be fully realized and accepted as You rise into the Higher Divine Knowledge and memory of Your Point of Origin. You are to Create Yourself out of the game, out of the lower densities, the absence of fear does this for You. Continue with Your Activations, for present happenings upon the surface Divinely assured, important playing areas are cleared for furthering the process at a more rapid speed.

Love and Light

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