New Moon – March 24th 2020 in Aries – Re-Birthed Through the Chrysalis Invocation

from L’Aura Pleiadian

On Tuesday March 24th, 2020 at 6:28 am ADT This Powerful New Moon in Aries, blasts its energies into the Healing of Wounds, as this the Covid-19 Virus now hits all of us with our vulnerable wounds exposed.

This exposed feeling, is symbolic of the opening up and being subject TO THE facing of our own deep fears, to be opened, to be healed, to be ultimately loved and resolved once and for all within us.

The opportunities abound amid the crisis of fears opening, as we LEAN more to our Heart as it now being the ONLY new way, to live, thrive and survive.

To say the GOING THROUGH THIS  will be challenging IS a great understatement. YET, FOR THOSE IN their hearts, this is the final dissolving of a world that once survived without a strong heart leading the way.

This world is YOURS. This very unique experience of this world is completely dissolving, shattering, ending.

What is there to do as you literally watch this unfold before your eyes?

Entering your heart will be the glorious love and mystical merging that is the balm of everything. OPENING you up to everything that you really desire.  This is the only true FOUNDATION of being.

Wounds exposed, crises, death and rebirth are all on the table, as well as your compete transformation to the NEW YOU. The conscious you re-birthed through your heart, into  A NEW WORLD.

We have the Moon Sextile Saturn, which brings to light ALL that is to face, so as to be the ONLY that lives through eternal Being.

We have Chiron and Lilith conjunct this NEW MOON, WHICH BRINGS the transformation of heart and vulnerability into the greater UNION and merging of the masculine and feminine. Chiron the masculine aspect of Lilith.  Merged they are the DIVINE couple. The Jesus and the Magdalene and Merlin and Morgan Le Fay.

This is here now as are THE OVERSOULS leading the WAY as the radiation of pure LOVE, enveloping all those as the chrysalis of the New Earth is birthed through this.


Photo: Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Judith Kusel5 hrs

Energy upgrades are pouring in, as the shift is accelerating.
It a time of deep contemplation and reconnecting with what gives higher meaning and purpose to life and living.
The are shifting from mindless living to conscious living once more, where one is consciously creating one’s life in highest alignment with the purpose and calling of one’s soul.
When I do my Soul Readings, I often stand in awe at the caliber of souls who have incarnating and are incarnating. Some are highly evolved and advanced souls – yet so often they forget who they are and allow life and systems to shut them down.
It takes a huge wake up call to awaken these souls, and this is exactly what is happening now to a much higher and extended degree!
In the deepest sense your soul was created by the Divine, with specific gifts and talents, purpose, which you need to reflect back to the Divine.
We are only truly fulfilled at the deepest levels when we LIVE in highest alignment with our soul and what it has been created to reflect back to the Divine, by serving from the heart and soul.
When you serve from the heart and soul, you will be out there serving, for you cannot do nor be other than this! It is what gives meaning and purpose to your life. It is there in your daily living, your daily prayers, your thoughts, feelings and actions.
Every morning when I do my early morning meditations and before I start my daily schedule of Soul Readings, teachings etc. I ask that I be used as an instrument by the Divine, and that I be used in the highest and best way, for the highest good of all. When I surrender my whole life and being, I find that crystal clear guidance comes, and that often I will be shown the greater picture, and given information regarding the cosmic upgrades and what is happening on planet earth.
It is only when one totally surrenders, that one is able to be led in profound ways.
Instead of resenting the current lock downs, let us remember, that in truth is it serving humanity in immensely powerful ways. It is waking up so many slumbering souls, and more than this, it is forcing us into introspection! It is reminding of our own mortality and that we need to make most of the life given to us!
It is teaching us vital lessons in highest mastery: to live in this world but not be of it!
When suddenly the veils lift and we can see clearly, tears of awe and gratitude come. We start becoming grateful for all and everything – for those we loved and those we still love and those who are there waiting for us to meet them, so that we can experience ever greater levels of love and being loved.
The energies pouring in are cleansing and clearing in the highest degrees. There is this immense push for change on all levels now as the old disintegrates
There is will the time before the virus – mindlessness and there will be the time after the virus: – mindfulness and huge heart openings, where we will be able to see truly and where we will be reborn in to a much higher conscious awareness and from this a new impetus will rise, for accelerated ascension, with great love.
Indeed we will find love at the deepest and most sacred levels – levels we did not have access before!
We are now being pushed through disintegration so that we can be put together again in much higher and greater and more profound ways than ever before!
Judith Kusel



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