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Reader Post | Anonymous

1. An Invocation to neutralize negative impact of COVID-19 virus

From: ‘Universal Heart’

Background: This invocation for protection was given to me some years ago during a channeling session with CW, who channeled ‘Universal Heart’. I had a health issue exacerbated by air born radiation after a satellite was blown up over Hawaii. After doing this invocation to protect myself from radiation, my symptoms improved dramatically within a few hours.

I have used this invocation for protection from EMFs and specifically Smart Meter Frequencies as well. However, in the apartment where I live, the smart meter frequencies from adjacent apartments were also impacting this one, including the walls and even the floor (from the apartment below). In the past, I had successfully used a technology that neurtralizes smart meter frequencies. However it had been a single smart-meter home where a single Lemurian Plug device worked very well. But, a single Plug was not able to do the job at this apartment in a multi-meter environment. So the choice was to increase the number of ‘plugs’ by purchasing them online and wait for their arrival, or do the invocation work. So I did the invocation.

The invocation worked immediately for both me and my sister. We are no longer impacted by Smart Meter frequencies in this apartment or when we go out into other smart meter buildings! This invocation is grace. Fortunately, I have kinesiology testing skills (from doing therapeutic body work) and can verify results for myself, my sister and others.

So, now I am using the invocation on the COVID-19 virus and its variations and mutations.

Some invocation concepts:

It’s my understanding that the Devas are any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature. Since our physical body is of the earth, asking for Deva support seems appropriate.

You can invoke through Jesus, God or even your Ancestors (if you are Japanese, for example)… however it is that you practice your spirituality in the name of Love.

Be in a reverent place…

From the Lord God of my Being, I ask/command the Devas to transmute any ill effects I am experiencing from The COVID-19 virus and its variations and mutations, and my fear of it, and humanities fear of it that I have picked up.

I ask/command the Devas to now place Energy Light Rings of Gold and White Light around my body to continuously protect me from infection from COVID-19 virus and its variations and mutations. I ask/command that these Energy Light Rings be ongoing for as long as necessary to protect my health.

Thank you! It is done. It is done. It is done!

2. Call on St. Germaine’s Violet Flame of Transmutation to neutralize the COVID-19 virus and its variations and mutations into harmless frequencies. Do this for your home and elsewhere.

I have used the violet flame on/within my body for different health problems as well, including removing the root sources and causes of the problem.

The violet flame is an invisible spiritual energy, the seventh ray of the Holy Spirit…


3. Cobra – Pleiadian Virus Removal

“Command RCV Stardust!” say 3 times (can say it silently)

This calls forth the Pleiadians to clear an area of this virus


Pleiadians have also developed a new protocol for virus removal that can help people in the infected areas, primarily in Hubei province in China, but also elsewhere on the planet.

If you know, feel, or fear that you have contracted the virus, or would like to disinfect the area around you, you can repeat three times in your mind.

“Command RCV stardust” X3

The Pleiadians will then use their advanced technologies to help remove the virus. This new protocol is still in development and is limited in its efficiency and the Pleiadians are asking for feedback. Those who will use this protocol, are welcome to report its effects in the comment section under the following post on The Portal blog:


Please be aware that this protocol is NOT a substitute for medical treatment.

Here is a list of all available Command RCV stardust Youtube videos [by Language] by Age of Aquarius:

Complete Article:


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