RAY MAOR – Ascension mastery #1 – The Manifestation Engine that works

Ray Maor

According to Bashar, The Law of Attraction is one of the fundamental laws in the Universe that is always correct. it’s a powerful tool when used correctly and can manifest almost anything we desire. Works stronger if group of people are synchronized on achieving the same goal. Check out the video to learn more!

0:56 Elements and Awareness 1:43 Life is movement 2:29 Cells example and the creation of Alignment 3:45 Humans example and why placebo works 4:18 People align with the planet and power of the group of people 4:59 Planets align with their star 5:38 Grouping of people together can change the reality 6:40 Will creates intention creates thoughts create action creates result 7:30 Quick summary 8:08 Size of the element and the Effect it has on it’s surroundings, are connected 8:38 The Creator and Destiny 9:19 The fuel of the manifestation engine is your Will, Focus, Emotions, Belief and Thoughts 10:08 “Seth speaks” and the invisible particles of creation 11:19 Guiding particles using your emotions 12:05 The Secret is about attracting these invisible particles of creation 12:47 Review of everything 13:52 What does this all mean 15:25 Have a “phone call” with your body, organs, DNA…

Author: Higher Density Blog

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