Spiritual Awakening Symptoms – Most EMPATHS are feeling NOW – featuring Drew Canole

Victor Oddo

I had the honor of meeting Drew Canole recently in San Diego at his place of business, Organifi. He is also a very empathic person that had a spiritual awakening. Something we both have noticed is… empathic people from all over the world who once though of themselves as cursed by hyper sensitivity.. are starting to wake up. & come into their TRUE power! There is a mass awakening happening on planet earth right now and Empaths are the one’s waking up first… they are leading the revolution of consciousness! The crazy thing is though… most empaths aren’t aware they are awakening, and nobody really laid out the signs and symptoms for them. So in this video Drew Canole and I share the 3 most common spiritual awakening signs for empaths. Lastly, I want to give a big thanks to Drew Canole for coming on the show.I

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