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The post below was a comment under a YouTube video. I don’t know who this person is but they sound like they know something. A couple key points made are that 5G activates the Corona virus (and others) and makes people susceptible to it.

Point Three (below) argues that bombarding the virus with its inherent resonant frequency could disintegrate it.

Point Seven – electrons start to spin backward activating the virus. This might imply that Shungite can prevent damage from the virus because it reverses the spin. Note that 5G was being tested in Wuhan where the virus first got loose.

Point Nine argues that 5G could even activate dormant ancient viruses causing them to wreak even more havoc on the population.

– Jeremiah Pathwalk in posting below on Facebook


One: If you are infected why would you need to vaccinate against something you have had?

Two: You cannot…

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