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DIANE CANFIELD – What Is The Spiritual Zero Point Creation


By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

I talk about reaching zero point in many of my articles and YouTube videos. Many have asked me what zero point means. In quantum theory zero point relates to the vacuum state of particles.

I call this the baseline for all of creation. Some might think it’s the empty state, yet it is anything but empty. Just because it can not be seen and is not widely understood, means nothing.

Ascension Zero Point We Are Entering 

Zero Point is the point of all creation. It is the point of everything and nothing at the same time. It is the point in meditation and times of intense BLISS waves that I am all of everything and yet also in the void of nothingness. I am floating in space yet experiencing everything all at once. I am in this state almost continuously psychically connected and tuning in.

This is the point Humanity is reaching through the Ascension process.

Ascension is raising one’s consciousness to higher timelines of awareness. The timelines of Creation. The timeline of the Creator itself where there is everything and nothing at the same time.

Zero point is where everything is available for manifestation and nothing is impossible, all possibilities exist at once.

Zero point can ONLY exist in the moment of NOW. This means we exist where there is no past, no present and no future. We just are.

Zero point is where ONE TRUTH exists. To be able to access that TRUTH you must give up all false beliefs.

Zero Point is the same field that Alien races appear to me in person.

When you reach states of higher consciousness, you will be able to reach these states of nothingness and everything at once. Time slows down and seems to move at a snails pace.

This is where the Event of Ascension will Occur. When enough of us have reached that state and perfected it over and over again.

This is why I teach about this, to help others reach the ultimate spiritual goal of the highest awareness, where everything is possible.

The merging with the Creator into the Spiritual Zero Point Field to become complete Co-Creators. It is in this state we will ascend attaining Christ Consciousness with the LIGHT Body Intact.

Love Diane

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Sri and Kira

As the uplevel energy of our FIRST Illuminated New Moon within our FIRST Mercury Retrograde of the two year Ascension uplevel arrives, so does the GIFT
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Imagine your Consciousness as the Gateway to true healing and dream manifestation!

source: https://sriandkira.com/yoga-of-self-ascension

Elizabeth Peru

13 hrs · 

THE BLUE LIGHT ON EARTH…Right now, Earth is being saturated in the blue vibration. It’s coming in from way beyond our solar system. We’re being helped by The Angelic Realm with the global heart opening – which remains underway (and will be for some time). I began consciously connecting with this blue healing ray yesterday. Have you felt it too? Is the colour blue calling to you?

The Blue vibration is cooling and soothes the over-acidity which has stirred on our planet since January. Feel the blue vibration bathe and re-balance your cells. It uplifts  PASS this post on ( S H A R E ) with those it can assist…

I’m reminded that last Thursday, I chose to theme the current issue of The Tip-Off around ‘Fresh Starts’, as a re-patterning begins. Do you remember? I also spoke about it in my LIVE video. And I chose blue as the incoming colour on this week’s cover art. On cue, it’s all coming to pass. I love it! How are the forecasts assisting you this week? 




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