Adyashanti – Wholehearted Engagement

Adyashanti – In this excerpt from the February 12, 2020 broadcast, Adyashanti responds to an email question asking about the razor’s edge of separation between conditioned unawareness and inclusive wholehearted engagement with what is. Adyashanti speaks to the balance of living within the knowledge that everything is eternally okay while finding a positive way to respond to the world with an open heart.

Quotes from this Video: “To be a human being, we are always acting in some way, we are participating. We can’t really get out of participating, nor should we.” “There is a domain of consciousness where everything is perfectly okay, and that’s a nice place to have access to. There is a truthfulness to it, and it relieves so much anxiety, angst, and rage—and yet, it’s not a final refuge.”

“Each of our lives has our own opportunities, our own versions of what feels like a positive engagement. And don’t think that anything is too small, don’t think it has to be big—so much of life happens in the small things.” “We have to know not only what we are against, we have got to know what we are for. And the power of what we are for is more constructive, more helpful, and the only way to really address the great issues of humanity.”

Author: Higher Density Blog

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