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Elizabeth Peru

HAPPY NEW MOON ~ Are you feeling the HEALING wave? Beloved ones, the MOON will be NEW over the coming 24 hours, as NEW BEGINNINGS and fresh starts amplify! Sunday into Monday is a peak energy moment of February for harnessing the opportunity to let go of struggles and accept divine help 

Can you feel the NEW MOON building? Perhaps you’re having a total body clear out and LIFE overhaul? I’ve heard from many in our community that they are – and they’re loving it! HEART chakras are still in expansion mode – which brings up emotions, as you LET GO. Remember that over the next 7-days, I’ve themed the TIP-OFF energy forecasts to help you initiate FRESH STARTS. The time is right….

Today our global TIP-OFF Community are listening to me guide them inwards. Soothing, inspiring, healing is here. JOIN those who always know how the coming cosmic energy is influencing them. It makes all the difference 

New Moon in Pisces – Spontaneous Healing, Unexpected Miracles, The Balance of Flow and Action

AstromommaYesterday at 7:34 AM · 

On February 23rd, the Moon, which rules: our intuition, feminine presence and emotions, becomes new at 4 degrees of Pisces. New Moons are always about: fresh starts, re-set buttons and initiations. Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign, represents: our subconscious mind, imagination, spiritual surrender and transcendence.

The New Moon in Pisces is here to initiate radical healing on many levels. There is a depth of intuitive guidance with La Luna a new in the deepest sign of the zodiac. We will be ready to begin projects and plans that call upon our more dreamy and imaginative sides. Digging deep into our subconscious patterning will be a common theme as well as healing past traumas. We are ready to create new brain wiring that deepens our connection to our intuition. This is an excellent new moon to begin a healing modality that may suddenly come about with little to no warning. Our dream states will also be quite active at this New Moon and will provide clues into what areas of our lives that this healing will be most profound. We will be little “psychic sponges”, so be extra protective of who and want you give your energy to at this time. Profound and enlightened downloads come to us with little to no effort. The veil is thin and we will be receiving constant communication from our angels and guides.

The New Moon in Pisces forms two positive, 60 degree, sextiles to her other planetary brothers. The first is with Mars, the planet of: passion, purpose and drive, currently in his “exalted” sign of Capricorn. The New Moon sextile Mars in Capricorn will increase our ability to be proactive within our emotions and projects. We will feel a steady inspiration and a call to action around these intuitive hits that we are receiving. The second aspect is with Uranus, the planet of: enlightenment, shocks and surprises, currently in his “fall” sign of Taurus. The New Moon sextile Uranus in Taurus will create sudden events connected to our resources and a burst of enlightenment around our emotions. We could feel very spontaneous but at the same time, this will be guided by a higher force that literally ” moves and shakes” up the status quo. Epiphanies around how we value ourselves and tend to our emotional health could be activated by this aspect. We are ready to embark on the ” unknown and untried” with a sensitivity of perception and perspective.

The New Moon in Pisces is here to allow for new beginnings within our old subconscious patterns. We are ready to heal and re-write generational loops of unwanted pain and struggle. There is a profoundly active healing that wants to be known with La Luna a new in the sign of the fish. Trusting the path of the unknown will lead us to such forms of healing and transcendence. We are ready to be guided by our intuition and at the same time, the earthly influence of grounding and structure is very strong at the time of this new moon. A balance of the “tried and true”, along with the dark, waters of the abyss are highlighted. The New Moon in Pisces is here to: awaken our sense of self- healing and regeneration, provide inspiration and intuitive guidance, and re-write generational pain and suffering. We will be under the influence of the New Moon in Pisces for the next 2 weeks until the Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th.

I will be creating extended horoscopes for this powerful new moon in Pisces on my Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/astromomma. These will be out in a couple days. True to Mercury retrograde, my laptop decided to call it quits. Appreciate your patience and support!

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New Moon February 23rd, 2020 ~ MONUMENTAL Opportunities

by L’Aura Pleiadian

On Sunday February 23rd, 2020 at 11:32 am AST we have the New Moon in Pisces. This is AS all New Moons are ~ a POWERFUL NEW BEGINNING. 

These monumental shifts take place within your consciousness and then IMPACT FORM.

That is; the mental, emotional. physical and spiritual bodies respond and interact through the levels of awareness you are experiencing yourself As in the moment. Then your unique and specific changes take place ~ THROUGH You. As the result of the inner interaction and shifts.

The GREATEST shifts take place as you continue to deepen your experience as living through your Heart. This is the ultimate PORTAL to all Portals and the only ONE true PURE way of Being. Being a master of form. Being an Ascended Master. Being the eternal love you are in the here and NOW.

This New Moon is sextile Mars and, potentially boosts your confidence, vitality and initiative for being true to you. For being self -assertive. For Being true to your Soul. Your level of passion may increase through all that you are BEING and this passion when experienced may increase, exponentially.

Sun sextile Uranus may potentially bring surprises. ALL of this and your unique frequency and Blueprint are designed to be impacted uniquely. For some this may cause a huge impact, for others, not so much. Flashes of awareness, finally seeing things through new eyes, may potentially be what is in store for all those that are ready.

Mars trine Uranus potentially may increase your ability to take those steps to make changes within. To finally get what it is that is taking place as you step into new levels. And for some this energetically charged energy, may impact the desire for greater fun, love and passion.

There is a minor Grand Trine, which increases the positive potentials as listed above. As well as increased potentials on all levels of being. Success, love, partnership and in those areas that seemed closed off ~ to open for you, once again. Flood gates of potential OPPORTUNITIES.

Of course all of this is subject to YOU the frequency that you transmit and radiate as you.

Are you very aware? Have you mastered your thoughts and emotions?

Are you ready to advance as YOU the ONE that is free from fear and self limiting beliefs and restrictions? Or is the fear to great to yet face all that turmoil, held buried deep within?

Fortune, love, joy and bliss are always on the table to be accessed now.

The KEY is the heart, the accessing of now, the freedom from all fear. And the miracles of miracles, becomes the YOU that has risen to this state of GLORY. Being ALL THAT and More.

Blessing you NOW in no time, for this the unfolding and experience of time.

In love and the embodiment of ALL THAT IS ~ transmitting now, with The Divine Council of Overseers. In love.

source: https://thenewdivinehumanity.com/2020/02/17/new-moon-february-23rd-2020-monumental-opportunities.


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