ROMEO BARON – Diamond Sun Lightbody – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disxclosure – 1-21-20


~Romeo Baron

Ascension Energies

When the original 12 Tree Eternal Life Unity Grid for the Diamond Sun Lightbody was taken out of alignment over 26,000 years ago during the Atlantian relapse Event(fall in energy), this resulted in the manifestation of the inorganic Subconscious Mind, which has become the home of the fragmented consciousness of internal Virus-Reversal Influences. The Subconscious mind was Never a “Bridge to the Soul”, it is actually the bridge to Duality Consciousness. All of the imbalance thoughts and actions that play out occur through the inorganic inner subconscious mind, which is stationed at the 2.75D lower astral energetics just below the 3D plane energetics. Please allow that to sink in… when a person is vibrating at a very low frequency this allows for the fragmented consciousness known as lower spirit astral entities to plug into that personal subconscious mind and control the body and thoughts of the person. The subconscious mind is a distorted state of mind within the fragmented hologram, and represents the disconnection from the Celestial Conscious Mind of the 6th Chakra, the Monad Conscious Mind of the 9th Chakra, and the Christed Conscious Mind of the 12th Chakra. The subconscious mind is where all false belief systems play out. It is this inorganic state of mind where one experiences nightmares, and it is where the thoughts of evil entities and monsters, that have created the fear-based programming within the Masses since the Fall of Atlantis.
In this Ascension cycle, the fragmented thoughts(negative fear-based karmic thought patterns) that are held within the subconscious mind is what needs to heal/be released in order for ALL Consciousness to merge back into Oneness-energetic balance of the organic Divine Source expression, Conscious Mind. This is being accomplished by raising the vibrational rate of the body with Love and through the infusions of cosmic Divine frequencies permeating throughout the entire Planetary System. The Christed Conscious Mind is our true bridge to the Soul Matrix and complete connection to our Source Family Ray of Consciousness. 

Lyra 144 Harmonics Activator
Art by @louisdyer

Judith Kusel

14 hrs

To be in this world – but not of it.
When the shackles and bonds of the 3D come off, there is a sense of freedom like never before.
One realizes that one is not bound by anything, except that which you give your attention, energy and attachments to.
In truth all is energy.
When we start understanding this, with your heart, mind and at soul level, we understand that every thought we think is broadcast out there, and has ripple effect on our own energy fields and of all around us.
We start to have great respect for the Divine Laws of Cause and Effect and of Responsibility. We start to understand that we are indeed responsible for everything we broadcast out there, every word we speak (the Sound vibration effect), and every action we take. What goes around, come around.
More than this, the deepest understanding dawn that we indeed have the freedom and ability to shape our own lives. If we truly wish to fulfill our highest soul calling, we will be living it, and will love serving in all and every way we can – each one to the measure in which he or she is called.
To those to whom much is given – much more will be expected.
We shape our lives with every thought we think, every feeling we have, every action we take, every word we speak.
Have you ever heard yourself speak? What are you broadcasting out there? Negative or positive? How do you talk to yourself? Are you your own worst enemy in the way to negate yourself and beat yourself up?
See, all of this affects our daily lives and the way we manifest our life in all respects. Our very thoughts and feelings indeed have a ripple effect on our health and well being.
Once we start to take responsibility for everything, inside and out, we step into full maturity as a soul.
We understand that we need to master ourselves and our own lives, before we can expect others to do the same.
More than this, we start cultivating a deeper and more profound connection with our own soul, our soul group, our Higher Guides and most importantly, the Divine.
We become a bridge between heaven and earth.
We do not take physical life so seriously, for we know that in truth we are but galactic souls having a short experience of life on earth. So let us make the most of this time – for this planet is the toughest school in higher mastery there exists, there for it takes discipline and application in some measure, to truly walk the walk of a master.
Yet, the Master walks with one foot on earth and one foot in the Higher Realms, and does not allow him or herself to get distracted or swayed from the eternal truths he or she applies and lives.
Judith Kusel



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