Isis Channelings – From the Darkest Night, The New Light of 22 – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 2-21-20


Isis Channelings

At the Mid Night Hour of the Darkest Night of the year ,Maha Shivaratri at 12am , when the morn of 22 -02-2020 is born…it is not just a new day that will be born….A New LIGHT will be Born…The CONSCIOUSNESS of 22

The Consciousness of 22 intrinsically connected with  The InterGalactic Council of 22 Star Nations and deeply associated with Earth’s Ascension Plan  . The  HighWay that allows for the communication between Earth/ our galaxy and the Council of 22 has erstwhile not had clear passage.

22-02-2020 combines the astrological planetary effects of Maha Shivaratri ( 21 midnight to 22 Morning) ” On this night, there is a natural upsurge of energy in a human being. This is a day when nature is pushing one towards one’s Spiritual Peak” ( via link below)with the Significance of  The Consciousness of 22 which was birthed on the Solstice Dec 22 through the the Goddess Gateway of 12-21Dec 2019….but has been in a holding space of the ZeroPoint chrysalis of the Spiral of Multiple Potential Outcomes since then (link below).

The Energies work individually and on a planetary level to clear Karmic+ SelfServing Narcissistic Attitudinal  debris so that a clear passage/ pathway is finally established between us/ planet and the Higher Consciousness of 22 via the InterGalactic Council of 22 Star Nations which is integral to our Ascension Pathway. Earth’s Ascension is as Integral to the Star Council of 22 as their Assistance is for our Ascension. The primary factor here is the Light Quotient held by the Service To All Frequency which is finally tipping in our Favour . The process of the reconnection of the Highway is being felt by Gaia wrt her recent spikes in the Schumann Resonance Frequency ( peaked at 78 yesterday). Individually you will feel it in your High Heart…your direct channel to the Divine and Soul Star Chakra ( karmic + akashik records)!!.

MahaShivratri is the Night of the Mighty Shiva, Monad of the Blue Ray of the Power, Protection, Wisdom and Will of God!!! NO Coincidence that it is from the Womb of the Darkest Night of Shiva, ” Shiva stands for That Which is Not” (link below) The Light of 22, that which is essential for the Foundation of  Consciousness of 22 is made MANIFEST!!!



…past two months have been spent in the ZeroPoint holding space of Spiral of Multiple Potential Outcomes ( link below). The Light will be Born on 22-02-2020 ……. KNOW that the KEY has Turned…The Lock clicked Opened …the Door yields….The Pathway now begins to manifest… and though we may not clearly see the path yet…and  we may not feel fully equipped to tread these New Pathways Opening Now…KNOW that ALL that YOU NEED …YOU WILL MANIFEST along the Way….for only when you set out on the Journey Do you gain the Tools, Wisdom , Inner Guidance and Courage to Navigate through …. Faith, Courage, Integrity , Grace and Humility is what you Need to carry within you …the rest will all fall into place in Divine Timing…

…Together..As Master Creator Builders….We Create a New Higher Vibrational Foundation for A New GOLDEN AGE.

Link for Zero Point Chrysalis of Spiral of Multiple Potential Outcomes

Be Light ,InLight ,InJoy

The Attainment of BLISS. . .

Linda Good McGillis

5D … The 5th Dimension is Ethereal.

Ethereal means extremely Delicate and Light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

5th Dimension is NOT a place. It’s an Energetic Vibratory Frequency. A frequency obtained within the Unification of all bodies that make up the toroidal field of the physical body.

We are NOT leaving to the 5th dimension. We are pulling the 5th Dimensional Energy and Frequency to the 3d experience, which in turn Evolves the thought Consciousness of the Mothership Earth.

We are NOT leaving the disc plane of duality. We are Shifting it’s Consciousness. How the mass population unconsciously and consciously thinks. In turn, the Higher CONSCIOUSness dictates Higher ETHICs, MORALs, INTEGRITY, TRUTHfulness, in the BEhaviors of HUmans.

The state of BLISS is the ALLness / NOTHINGness of the Creator. For the HUman body, this is an Energetic Foundation upon which experience can BE built upon. It is Not an every moment experience on the 3d duality plane of existence.

The duality real time existance Shifts from polarity opposition to polarity compliments and perceptual viewing / seeing of the HUman Vessels Shift the dual thought processing from an either/or to contrasts of uniqueness in experiences.

It’s a Frequency Vibrational Energy of experiences blended of the 5 physical senses with the 5 subtle senses of the Spirit. The BLENDing of all Emotions, all Feelings, all Thoughts to BE CONSCIOUSly Experienced.

The HUman will still experience and have experiences of grief, sadness, pain, anger, etc. The difference is, with an Energetic Foundation of neutral Unconditional LOVE rather than a energetic fear foundation, the HUman BEing reacts, responds, behaves from a more Balanced, Harmonized, Trusting, Peaceful Heart center versus a walled wounded distrusting heart center.

On an energetic fear foundation the experiences of feeling Bliss, Joy, Peacefulness was dominantly suppressed by a consciousness of thought that dictated anxiety, stress and pain.

On The 5th Dimensional Frequency Foundation, the dominate Thought Consciousness is more JOY, PEACEfulness, BLISSful in its experiences versus anxious and stressful. It’s a real time existence of dual polarity experienced with a Triality Aligned Consciousness.

Awakening does NOT take us out of the experiences of the full range of emotions to where the HUman is always in a state of BLISS, it Awakens us to be more responsible in our behavior.

Linda Good McGillis red with LOVE 
Pars Kutay


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