CONSCIOUS REMINDERS – The Valentine’s Day Energies May Not Be All Hearts & Roses – 2-13-20


The Valentine’s Day Energies May Not Be All Hearts & Roses

By consciousreminde

by Conscious Reminder

We just went through this month’s Full Moon and Mercury is soon to move in Retrograde motion. Their combined energies might prove to be a spoil-sport for the lovers’ day.

Generally known for being a happy and lovely day, this Valentine’s Day may prove to be quite a bit frustrating for you.

Although Mercury will go Retrograde on the 16th of February, its energies can already be felt. As a result, you may experience mood swings and feel lonely.

It is not impossible to deal with these feelings but you’ll get annoyed by them. Sensitive people can notice easily that the effect of Mercury going Retrograde is felt more before it actually happens.

The Full Moon that happened on 9th February may help you persevere through this situation.

It is so because the Full Moon has brought passion and enthusiasm with it. This passion should keep you going during this difficult time.

You have to keep a balance between becoming over emotional and not feeling anything at all. Whatever way you choose to handle this time will decide the future of your relationship.

So, try to remain as grounded as possible because the Full Moon has also brought in some tension.

The period between the 10th and 16th of February is going to be quite rough. You may have to face a dilemma and it will put you under pressure.

You might notice that even after being in a good position romantically, you’re not getting where you want to be.

Listen to your close ones properly. Don’t let any misunderstanding creep up in your emotional relations.

You may not be able to perceive these difficulties just yet, but you’ll know them as they show up. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and what are your thoughts.

Whatever you plan for this day of love, make sure it is in the best interests of your partner. There are lows and highs in every relationship and a couple that gets through them knows true love.

Keep your spirits high during this tricky time and enjoy the day with your beloved!

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