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Sunday, February 02, 2020

Hello,  I have returned from spending 9 days in Uluru Australia two weeks ago and am still in a deep process of navigating my way through a profound unfolding of a higher understanding and perspective of who I am within this world.

This journey to Uluru was an adventure of my lifetime a deep inner and outer journey of realignment far beyond anything I could have imagined for myself. I have returned to my life totally transformed and find myself balanced and simultaneously, in an ongoing learning curve as revelations are still being unfolded within my consciousness daily.

Uluru is sacred, it has an aliveness and consciousness to its nature. There is a power and transformative frequency, which emanates from within its unlimited central core. There are a series of multiple multidimensional doorways within its makeup that link to the Universe and beyond.

There are caves, transmitting forms and ancient reconnections to be accessed for those who are destined.

The 12th of January was the beginning of the Gateway reopening in Uluru, with the Saturn / Pluto conjunction and this date was the true beginning of my rebirth. As I consciously began to channel within the Gateway my realignment began. I was transported into the higher realms to my Pleiadian family and held the sacred alignments as I transmitted the pure power of the sacred essence of the Dreaming through my Heart outwards to the group at the Conference. As the day completed, I was in a continual reformation by the light and transmuted within the multidimensional space of the Gateway, which was continuing to reopen within Uluru.

On the 14th of January Alisa and I went to Uluru. The heat was extreme at the Rock and we were guided to go to an area where one of the many sacred caves were locatted. As we entered the cave I had a memory of living before in this cave with my Pleiadian family, I could feel myself being received here.

I began to take in all the forms that were beginning to open within the walls of the cave, they became alive and were transmitting to me. I had to sit down. Suddenly the walls of the cave began to open up in front of me, it was like a multidimensional cavern flowing outwards towards me forming a tunnel. I was drawn within the tunnel and drawn like a magnet within a multidimensional vortex. Suddenly everything, all density simply fell away from me, and I was filled with a higher knowledge, consciousness and expanded form of my Pleiadian self.

Everything that I ever wanted was within me, I could have stayed where I was forever.

There was perfect clarity and understanding on levels that I hadn’t known existed, and I suddenly ‘knew’ so much more within the vastness. Nothing could have prepared me for this.

There was a moment, guidance to leave the cave. I was totally transformed transmuted on every level.

Nothing has been the same since this time. I have a different perspective of everything in my life now and I move forward deeply altered within this new vision and understanding of myself. I am liberated through the understanding, and I take each step in every moment consciously.

I will be returning to Uluru this December 2020, as my mission has taken another turn in the road. I have been asked to be a speaker at Cosmic Consciousness Conference in Dec 2020 and I know I must participate.

There is not much more to say right now except that I extend my love outwards to each one of you and I am in total gratitude for my life up to this juncture. I AM!

Love and Blessings


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  1. You are indeed Blessed. Before you go to the conference you might like to read the description written by George King on his experience entering Cosmic Consciousness, in the book “The Nine Freedoms”.


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