Awakening Within The New Worlds – Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 1-27-20


Judith Kusel

Yesterday at 5:30 AM

Judith Kusel

Yesterday at 5:30 AM

A lot of the old negative karmic patterns your soul has recreated with other souls, and even groups of soul, or the collective, is now coming to the fore, so that we can finally dissolve the wound, through deep forgiveness and set ourselves and others free.

At this time the shackles and bond which have held us prisoner for so long in the 3D, are coming off, and with it the karmic wheel of life, is spinning faster and spinning out what no longer serves our highest soul growth and good and those of the other souls concerned.

We have this immense opportunity now, to be freed of karmic return, and to co-create something amazing, beautiful and whole in unison with others.
We cannot move into the higher dimensional state, if we are still being weighed down by so much unforgiveness, so much pain, and I am not only referring to the individual souls, but referring to collective as well.

Remember there is ancestral karma, every country and peoples and tribes have karma, as well as the WHOLE of humankind.
We can never separate ourselves from the Whole. The whole of humankind is us, and we are the whole of humankind. Therefore we represent every human trait there is, within the collective and within ourselves.

So often we point the fingers at others, not realizing that nine other fingers are pointing back to ourselves.

So many resent the soul lessons coming up now, as they do not wish to work through them. Remember, that when you finally have the guts to open the wound, and let the puss out, and forgive and let go, you are not only freeing yourself – you are stepping into a much higher version of yourself, where you can truly set yourself free to an even greater extend, and all of humanity. Indeed, you are setting your SOUL free, and in this has cosmic implication for your soul, so that you will not need to return to this planet, if you choose not to.

The more I work with infinite Energy records held at the Divine Source, the more I stand in awe and wonder that infinite ORDER of Creation. The Law of Cause and Effect is there in all aspects of life, and even scientists know and apply this law.

What you reap – you sow. Whether in this lifetime or another or in all parallel lives and Universes.

I love this law, for it teaches me responsibility – to take responsibility at SOUL level, for every single choice I make, for the way I live my life, and for the way I can daily choose what and how I could love to manifest in my life, and then taking full responsibility for what I have created, what I have sown in seeds – through my thoughts, my actions, my very way of living my life!

Judith Kusel


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