HEAVEN ON EARTH – Alexander Kosmos, Brenda Garcia – 1-25-20 – courtesy of The Earth Plan

Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

We all have a Plan. Prior to reincarnation we make an intentioned Plan for each Lifetime Experience. We Know the collaborators, friends and family who have lovingly agreed to participate in our Plan. That Plan is imprinted within the soul and stays with the soul throughout that Lifetime.

This particular lifetime is special. This time we – each and every one of us in human bodies – intended to bring “Heaven to Earth.” Mother Earth Her Self made this decision for her children and Her Kingdoms. The Game would begin anew. Much was left to Free Will choice, but codes and triggers – intended to get our attention and wake us up – were inserted at various places within our Plans.

We experience these codes and triggers as a “timeless” moment – an aha moment. Someone says something to us – we read a passage in a book – we have a meditational experience or we meet someone out of the blue – or we lose someone from our lives that hurts so much it breaks us open and our lives are forever changed.

However the button gets pushed and the awakening occurs, Know that it is on Purpose. It is a piece of the puzzle – an intention in your Plan. We awaken to the Truth that our Plan is intricately linked with the Collective Plan. We begin to feel the Unity and Oneness of the Divine Plan. Father Sky moves closer to Mother Earth.

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