ANNA LORENCE, PARS KUTAY – The HEART PORTAL is connection to the Infinite – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 1-23-20


Amanda Lorence

To not sacrifice the heart, for the needs, fears, ‘not knowings’ and lack, experienced via the human mind.

The brain HAS been so far, a limited processor of experiences, based on it’s predesigned, limited interpretation of energy wave lengths (wave length interpretation capability). A Galactic Timeline, STILL to arrive, of energetic PULSE, increases our brain’s wave length Interpretational capability. Our brains have been incrementally igniting one step at a time for a time to come, since each’s Awakening. You physically feel the changes and expansions in the head and then your body, as the brain ignites more and more, beyond any human force, as it is being prepared.

The natural way to physically ignite the brain to incrementally be upgrading it’s synapses, cells, nerones, pathways, fluid activitiies, as preparation for more of the brains capacity to be utilised in timelines to come, is through each’s heart…being LOVE.

So to say again…to not sacrifice the heart, because of the mind. But to allow the mind to be open, to access the heart. The infinite. All else will just follow NATURALLY so.

One Love,

Amanda Lorence

Pars Kutay8 hrs

There are such a beautiful purifying Plasma LIGHT Codes Frequencies that are illuminating the Grid around our planet as the activation of SOURCE Light is infused within the outer atmosphere surrounding our Earth.

Gradually this Divine LIGHT is strongly impacting the Magnetic Core within our Earth plane.

There are so many things happening at the moment for us to individually realign within for reconnection to the Sacred part of our SELVES… our True Multidimensional SELVES.

This is our Time to Evolve Consciously by actively engaging within the many NEW Paths that are opening to us in the NOW Moment.

Remember, All connection to these openings is made through our own HEART space. . .

and this is our Time to move within our Sacred Higher SELVES, within a space of Pure SOURCE Consciousness of ONENESS with All That Is.



* When I AM at one with my Creative SOURCE and constantly Affirm this union through my Thoughts, Feelings and Actions, my Magnetism is a Highly Transforming, Invincible Force.

* The Pure LOVE of my Greater BEing and that of the supporting Universal Energy is not personalized. It is all Consciousness that resides in the Field of ONE, a Magnetically Charged Field of Selflessness that is in service to the Whole.

* I AM a Magnetic Server. My human ego is tamed and No longer the driver. It is the Greater Higher SELF that is sitting in the front seat as my chief navigator.

* Maintaining Emotional Balance, Inner Peace and Embodying the Spirit of Goodwill and Tolerance towards All is the key to my Magnetic Service.

* My Magnetic Field radiates out in all directions. It expands and expands, always furthering its reach as my momentum in Service builds. The more expanded I AM in Consciousness, the Greater is the area covered by my outgoing Energy Waves.

* Coherent and Harmonized Consciousness Fields produce strong Magnetism. Participation in a Magnetic Collective occurs through a Willingness to blend and harmonize my mind into a Unified Whole.

* When my individual motives are combined with the others of the same Integrity, we experience our SELVES as Magnetically irresistible and with Greater ability to Manifest. The Unified Field Sustains us.

And So It Is.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That, I AM



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