LISA RENEE: “Forcing People to Pay for Their Genocide” – courtesy of Dreaming With Dolphins



“Poverty consciousness is a mind control program shaped by the Social Engineering that is designed to get humanity to believe we are worthless and that we exist in a world where there is not enough for everybody. When the masses focus on the worthlessness of human life and the lack of resources needed to help all people thrive, it means someone else is stealing the resources and hoarding them for themselves. A system of Black Magic Money or controlled currency was established to monetize the Death Culture and is organized by the NAA in order to manipulate, exert control over and enslave the citizens of the earth. Deceptive propaganda, intimidation and terrorism are the important tools used to push the global debt slavery program, which requires the participation of broad sectors of the corporatocracy, banking and the world population in order to be successful. Perpetrators must hide their murderous intentions…

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  1. In truth, We all know that life begets life and only labour creates, so these have value. Currency is “that which is worthless yet presented and perceived as being valuable.” The privately owned Central Banks are guilty of global theft by fraud, usury, graft… and that is just the beginning. Why are they not being shut down, their shareholders and directors made public, arrested and charged? Also if the United Nations were anything other than a select group of veto-wielding Internment camps and their vassals – why has the U.S.A. and the U.K. not been subjected to sanctions-?


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