ANASTACIA KOMPOS Blue Beyond Guide – 1-20-20

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ANASTACIA KOMPOS Blue Beyond Guide – 1-20-20

Pt 6 of 6 Divine Healing-New Cosmic Rebirth LIVE-

Old Genetic Ancient Karmic Emotional Blockages stuck Beyond words 20Jan2020
Pink Flannel Flower Bush Essence
Pink Andara Crystal Healing
Healing whilst baby in womb, came in with our genetic make up
Opening Heart charka of the high pure love vibration we came in with
Babies adjusting to the 3rd Dimensional world we were born in our earthy reality – healing and releasing from our birth mothers

Gaia our Birth Mother healing went out to all mothers
Shell essence healing Callala Bay Scallop – washing away repetitive emotional negative energy patterns
From the past to allow us to move into the new, especially a new relationship with self – removes blocks that prevent this healing!!!

Helps us to feel connected to energy of our planet – we and the planet are part of the same energy as Gaia
Heal wounded heart for fresh new start
Be and follow the Divine in Full Faith and Trust
Push through and keep following
Eyed Cowrie Shell Essence – helps us remove emotional blocks – encourages enlightened attitude – for those with lack of compassion
Little Whelks – inner child light heartedness and joyfulness – for the unhappy child within – sense of fun, for those over serious attitude to life
For those who need to Lighten up and Have Fun bringing that in as we purge and release from our base chakras we are in a process of releasing
Walnut flower essence – The Link breaker to break from realities that are no longer healthy – gone, break, shift
Boab flower essence – breaks old negative family links patterns and energy ties generational
Mustard flower essence – heals Karmic deep gloom and depression to emerge to the light
Letting go and forgiving all layers and levels those close to you, even those you have already done, this is old ancient karmic release
You will know as something will not feel quite right when you dig deep, if not, move on…
Forgive and release ourselves, bringing up old self doubts to release
Bleeding of old world and new world energies overlapping
Realise to pull energy in from Spirit with others
Energies need to come back fully into ourselves
We are in a transition
2020 Keep it steady balance balance balance
Dragons humming, removing rigidity, stuckness of old energies out of astral aura spirit space, releasing and healing
We started not liking ourselves when younger when others did not accept us for who we are
We changed ourselves to accommodate others and they were still not happy
Time to reverse this and COME HOME TO OURSELVES TO SELF LOVE
A new Super Consciousness awareness I AM LOVE
A full circle of coming home to ourselves, in a very new way
Be aware of deception energies, this is not new…
You’ve got this…go back through the videos Parts 1-6, you will know intuitively which one you need
Keep writing and releasing if you get stuck in your head with your thoughts
Earth and Air Dragon Divine Healing – stay balanced and grounded with your visions of manifestation – a perfect balance of heaven and Earth – ask them to help bring to physical reality all dreams and visions – to rise above your challenges to find the perfect balance to flow with grace and ease – see the highest good in all
Raise above raise above raise above and stay grounded
See from a new perspective
Healing into each of your 12 chakras – new sense of calm and equilibrium

Anastacia Kompos
Grand Master-Emotional Trailblazer-WaySEER
Vaco Potens

‘If you react to my energy, you are welcome to the trigger of a healing for you’

1:1 Divine Healings available.

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