METATRON SERENDIPITOUS PHENOMENON – Your Role in the Ascension Journey – Courtesy of 1Anna Merkaba – 1-19-20

Anna Merkaba

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Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! Before I share the channeling with you I would like to say a few things. If you have been feeling a bit disconnected lately and suddenly uninterested in anything that you were interested in before, please know that it is all a normal process of planetary alignments. Before the January 10 – 12th portal we were feeling a push of energies and most were super charged and propelled to do something, which we did. What we did was help to superimpose a new energy grid system into our energy matrix. This was a rather exhausting process for many.

If you suddenly woke up to find yourself completely lost, with a feeling of being unplugged, disconnected and distant from everything around you, so to speak, not being connected to things, people, situations, as if you’re in some sort of daze, and yet can see everything clearly. As if you are simply an observer and not a participant, please know that all of this is a normal process of being reconnected to the new grid system. What happened is we were put into a void space in order to help us adjust to the new energy grids. This happens from time to time as our planetary systems get upgraded. The same thing tends to happen when our own bodies both physical and energy bodies get upgrades. 

If you are experiencing any of these sensations know that they should begin to subside in a couple of days and you should begin to feel the connection again. Again, what is happening is we’re integrating new energies and are being “plugged into” a new vibratory system which has been created by all of us during the Jan 10 – 12th portal.

Once this integration happens you will begin to feel a bit different, not quite the same as you were before, you will see things differently, respond to the same situations in a different light, and begin to perceive this world differently. You may see certain things that you haven’t seen before. For example just today I saw a large blue sapphire orb that hang in my room for quite a while before disappearing, I’ve seen orbs before but always with a corner of my eye, here it was displaying itself prominently for me to see it, followed by about 5 or more clear, crystal like orbs. They kept appearing and disappearing. These orbs for those who might be wondering are usually our guides, angels, light beings, Oraphim and Auroras, whom I spoke to you about in my previous message. If you’ve missed that message please click here to read it, as it’s very interesting.

Another experience that I had recently is where I was talking to someone and they began to pixilate, their face suddenly seemed as if it was a hologram. This happened for a split second, at exactly the same moment that I was thinking of how this reality is holographic in nature. So if you see something like that, remain calm, you’re not loosing your mind, you’re gaining the ability to see beyond the ordinary!

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