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Along with all of the significant astrological events in 2020 and the Great Conjunction, we will be having a rare astronomical alignment take place on Solstice, June 21st 2020 with a New Moon Solar Eclipse- this is related to the 2012 End of a Great Cycle with Mayan Calender.

This event creates a significant release of consciousness through sacred geometry/ mathematical points lining up to release these emanations/Plasma from the Universal conscioisness of the greater sphere and being we exist within.

Dec 21st 2020- is the birth of the “new sun” or solar consciousness in communication with the planetary consciousness- shifting polarity into this new cycle. A larger amount of the collective will be integrating Universal Consciousness and this is the beginning of the removal of a belief & embodiment in an evil control or dark force controlling this world (one individual at a time)

We have been fighting our own self created phantoms through the belief in the existence of them. This world is a result of what we give form to through the light that is emenated from beyond… we only experience what we give form or life to unconsciously & consciously- collectively & individually. 3D world is the result not the cause. We are basically experiencing what has already

happened….catching up to our own creation, through accessing the portion of reality where the creation exists by embodying the awarenesd/state of consciousness of it. Universal or Unity Consciousness is only embodied when the belief is truly integrated as ALL being One. All meaning everything in this Universe.

God/Goddess become the Chariot- the awareness of the connection to it All to consciously create,experience and evolve. I was shown the sacred geomtry grid (natural grid) Cosmic Kabbalah Tree of Life, Flower of Life, planetary & cosmic light body and Vesica Pisces with this June 21st alignment and Solar Eclipse activation.

The planet synchronizes as streams of Plasma/Universal Life Force come through. I had this Chariot/Tree of Life/Light Body/Ezekiel experience in July and saw the geometry of it All, all of it. Everything is perfect, Divine and in a precise order of arrangement… Cosmos means order of arrangement. I dissolved another “grid” and activated my natural Universal Body.

This is what the apocalypse is- an individual experience of super natural events while developing the Plasma/Universal Life Force/Electric body within the individual’s sphere/energy field.

Then we integrate Universal Consciousness through these streams/Plasma that are consciously directed within our own field. One rises up- all rise up, like links in a chain. One link rises, the whole chain is lifted up. We become the intelligence of the Being we exist within-

The Universe/Cosmos. This Plasma is the emenation of the Consciousness of the Universal Being/Universal Mind that creates the natural laws or Cosmic laws we experience relative to the sphere We Exist within independently as an aspect of the whole.. and the laws of each kingdom/body/aspect within the sphere.

Plasma/Universal Life Force/Emenations come into & fill the sphere & magnetic field of the Earth cleansing & moving with the poles. North Pole of the Sun is how people exist this planetary sphere, then they are released through the South Pole of the Sun and into a black hole. I watched a loved on cross during my Chariot/Ezekiel/Cosmic Kabbalah Tree Of Life out of body experience in July, only way I can describe it is by using these terms.

And I know only someone who has had the same experience would get it completely. It is all perfect, conscious and precise. Everything here is made of Angles of light/geometry, emenations,

sound/speed/compression gives form. We can be incased in a grid made of our state of consciousness that continues in separation- or access our greater intelligence/Divine Self/Love through access our Universal Body grid/template.

Don’t feed into any belief in any “dark” force w power over you or anyone else… that only creates that experience. If you do not want to experience something- do not feel it is done unto you or done onto another.

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