ROSIE NEAL @ IN5D – Memory Loss – Are You Uncharacteristically Forgetting Things? – 1-17-20

Memory Loss - Are You Uncharacteristically Forgetting Things?

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

This is the message regarding the loss of memory.

You are stepping on to a new paradigm. You are no longer existing in a place that uses memory.

In the old world, one uses memory in order to know something. You have been going in and out of a new world with a new way.

In this new world, there will be no use of the old ways. The new world will consist of living and operating only from your truest and purest state of being of knowingness. Knowingness is having the sense, of going beyond the mind and the words to feel the answers. Knowingness doesn’t store data, information, facts and figures. It doesn’t know, until it needs to know. When it needs it, the answer is just there.

When the human needs answers, the human doesn’t get it, until they tap into their own divine sense of knowingness.

Your loss of memory will encourage you to respond, intuitively, from this place of knowingness. It is now time for you to simply know what you what you need in any given moment.

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Your loss of memory is a very good thing and it is how you will soon be existing in every aspect of your life. Every living being will understand and relate to you in a new way they have never related to you before. They will not fully understand what has happened but will intuitively know and recognize truth. They will be drawn to you in a way that never has happened in the past.

Do not judge yourself or rely on things you once known through the process of memory. When you are in a place trying to remember a experience as a point of reference realize it no longer serves you in the way it did in the past. Just stop. Take a deep breath.



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