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Cosmic Energy Update ~ We Are in Flow

By Shivrael

There is so much magnificence
Near the ocean
Waves are coming in
Waves are coming in
Song by Miten with Deva Premal, lyrics from So Much Magnificence

Instead of the original song, what I have been hearing in my head:

There is so much magnificence
On the planet
Waves are coming in
Waves are coming in

As I write this, cosmic waves are hitting earth and it leaves each of us in a sensitive state, sometimes in bliss or heightened knowing. Space weather sends cosmic waves to earth in the form of light codes. We also may feel emotional with the incoming waves. We can harness the energy when we get in sync with the greater flow while the flow of ourselves. Learn about and let yourself be in a flow state. “A flow state” is our new way of accomplishing and creating.

“Waves” are a watery metaphor, and flow is also perfect for this time on the planet. All of this points to how the great shift is happening and those of you reading this feel it and know it in your hearts. It feels like things just got real. It feels like we received evidence that the Shift of the Ages is here and by how we experience it personally.

The nature of the shift is that life is becoming less solid and more fluid.

It works better when we surrender to the flow. I have had some personal lessons in this- of letting go of agendas, of expectations and just flow with the moments and what happens. It means that I have to let my friends off the hook. I need to do the same with myself. The unexpected is showing up more and we have to go with it. Have you noticed this? 

It doesn’t mean we are so lacking in direction that we give up our goals, though we could call them intentions and we probably should give up how they come to be in form and let go of when they happen.

Intentions are set within and carried in our hearts as we rise and meet each moment in a state of flow. We can come back to those intentions again and again. We have to approach intentions in a roundabout non-linear way instead of a direct way, or so it seems. We can live responding to the world around us and riding the waves and see where we are taken by the current of life.

In the beginning of the year we may have started with intentions and goals. That has been only a few weeks ago. With time acceleration from the waves of cosmic energy, it feels like so much has happened in a short amount of time. Let’s tune back and remember what those intentions were. At the end of 2019 and the beginning of the new year, we have been focusing and disciplining ourselves being much more goal-oriented. Now with waves of cosmic energy, we may feel differently about the goals and being motivated. Where did that motivation go? 

It is not anything wrong with us. We don’t need to feel bad if we have suddenly lost our motivational energy. We need to know that the energy has shifted into a new place.

On January 10 gave us a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. January 12 was what some say was the first day of the Aquarius Age. There is a lot Capricorn energy in a stellium, and it aligned in rare planetary alignments on the 12th, which heralds the end of one era and the beginning of the another.

How We Create Things Has Now Changed

Instead of “doing” for ourselves, we are doing for ourselves and the greater whole. The hierarchical structure is falling away which is exactly what Capricorn has represented, the father and sometimes in astrology Capricorn is called the Great Punisher. So we no longer need the inner punishing father to make us get stuff done. We are called to leave hierarchical structures behind, even ones that are inside our heads from our programming. 

That Cancer Full Moon Eclipse showed us the foundation in which the new era will be built on. Getting things done will be accomplished with love and nurturing as the basis, not from someone outside of us making us and not from ourselves making us do something. Doing will no longer come from a “have to” or self-punitive place. When we do something, it has to come from our hearts. We are learning to become loving and nurturing with ourselves in how we treat ourselves. 

A society in which each person treats himself with love, in their thoughts and deeds, will have a self-love that overflows to others. The individuals won’t look to others for validation so much but will see them as team players, as their support team, in cooperation, not competition.

I am not talking about narcissism in individuals, but merely inner kindness and self-acceptance. The old way gave us fuel to be motivated. All of a sudden the old way is not working anymore.

Right now it feels like we are at a void space in which may feel depressing at times. It may be lacking in productivity. We may feel floaty and fluid. People on the planet are going through some extraordinary challenges from leaving their bodies, life-changing accidents, health issues, and deep loss. The ground under them is being washed away and many are facing great challenges right now. Let’s send some love to those who are going through suffering now. 

Everyone is being brought to a place of surrender, whether they have deep challenges or not. We are surrendering to the moment, the flow of life. It may not be how we thought it would be. We may feel a nothingness, a lack of caring about what we were sure we wanted only a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of the year. It is all up for review. Yet our minds don’t have to figure anything out. We just have to be willing to be in our hearts and it will all be sorted out. 

The deep surrender which we are forced into now is taking us more deeply into our hearts and our heart’s responses. We are reevaluating life choices. What truly matters?

To swim through this period is to know that it is a void space where it feels like nothingness. It calls for deep surrender. It calls for being okay with not knowing what is next. It calls us to forgive others if they don’t show up, or if they don’t show up in the way we thought they would. We also have to forgive ourselves for the same. Do you see that since this is the change we are waiting for, we need to go with it and not figure it out? We figure it out by living each day from being in the moment.

Gratitude and Simplicity

We also get a lot of relief for the simple things in our lives that we have. When we have food and we have shelter, we need to be in gratitude. We need to be grateful for everything that we can. That is the soothing balm that helps us be okay with changes all around us. Gratitude helps us be serene in the storm of life. Don’t personalize anything that happens. Know there are cosmic influences and it all shepherding humanity into a better place, a place of more light and more egalitarianism. The age of dominion is over. The age of being stewards of the planet, loving and nurturing one another is here.

Let yourself go through the void space. Let who you think you are to fall away. Let your old self fall away and allow your new Aquarian age self to be born with all of humanity.

We are going through a rebirth.

What to Expect in this Coming Times – from the Akashic Records

A dark path of blackness around us and cloudiness is there until around March 2-4, where I see a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It feels clear and sunny after that time and like we have made it to the other side.

During this time of blackness and cloudiness, it is not a time of darkness or anything negative. Interpret the blackness and cloudiness as a time of not knowing, the void space mentioned before. It is a time to go within and dream your dreams, to feel your heart and to imagine. It is time for self-care. and to do what makes your heart sing. The goals that you made that did not come from your heart will fall away at this time. Be okay with being in your cocoon and not knowing what the plan is. We are all surrendering to a higher, divine plan right now. 

Keep breathing, being grateful and celebrating that you are alive. Be grateful to those in your life. Be loving to others. Speak from the heart. Ask for help when you need it. Sometimes you need a person who cares to hear how you are feeling. Be that person who listens and also shares with a person who will listen to you when you need it. 

This is a time of incubation. It is as if you are a seed that is asleep under the earth until the new era germinates and breaks open. Springtime, in the Northern Hemisphere, is coming and with it a different feeling.

The new stage from the beginning of March feels energetic, vibrant and alive. It feels very clear, like we know what we are doing then, finally. We may be co-creating and we are creating on our own.

This stage that we are in, the stage of dormancy or incubation with a lack of clarity and motivation is important though. Do not underestimate the work we are doing by going inward. Our deep surrender is important. It is a deep surrender to our own heart and a deeper trusting of ourselves. Be self-nurturing, and support those going through deep hardships right now with prayers, presence, listening, and love.

Our task is to find contentment and peace within ourselves. It is to love ourselves intrinsically. Those going through challenges and everyone are going through experiences to learn that love is the answer, and it comes from inside but is reflected from the outside of us. We come to know that our true essence is love and that is our only agenda that is important right now. 

Gratefully offered as an energy update on January 17, 2020

by Shivrael

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