In5D – by Rosie Neal – – Breaking Through The Veil – 1-17-20

January 2020 - Breaking Through The Veil
In5D – by Rosie Neal – – Breaking Through The Veil – 1-17-20

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

January is bringing on the next wave of energy as a collective. It is not what many expected and it has a entire different feel too it. It will leave a imprint on all ages.

This will last for a period of time so you can be in a position to create from your own point of view.

Your own choice points without feelings of guilt or remorse or a sense of obligation. A few went though this in 2018. I personally experienced this on thanksgiving 2017. This was supposed to have been my exit point but instead I was pulled into another timeline that begun this shift. Now 2020 bringing in this next wave of this for the masses that are ready to receive.





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