ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL – Traumatic Events Will Continue for a Period of Time To Come – 1-14-20 – via Ashtar Command Crew


Hello everyone! This is Raphael.

So many traumatic events including loss of life, have been occurring all over the world. All of us send our love to the grieving families and loved ones who have lost someone precious. These traumatic events, both from the earth herself and caused by man will continue for a period of time more.

All around your world, there has been much loss and grief. Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, great storms and floods have shaken your planet and all of its inhabitants. In addition, man has caused great turmoil as well. Wars continue. Individuals wreak havoc through their own acts of violence. And this often perpetuates even more violence.

We know that all of you are frequently shaken by the awareness of these occurrences. There have always been traumatic events on your planet, but because of mass media, now you can be instantly aware of trauma that occurs anywhere in your world. In addition of course, your world is shifting dramatically in response to all of the light that has been affecting it. And finally, man’s lack of care for the world that he lives upon, has now begun to show more profound effects upon all of you.

It has become even more important that each of you learn how to cope with the continual bombardment of all of these changes. Many of them from your earthbound perspective, are unable to be changed by any of you at this time. What you can change however, is how you react to them. Do you become agitated and immersed in intense emotional reactions? Or have you learned yet how to rest in your own centeredness and send love to those affected, no matter what the circumstance.

It is so important now that each of you acquire this skill of self-control. Train your mind to become quiet. And if it is so restless that you are unable to guide it back, focus instead on your breath to draw yourself back to a quiet state. When strong emotions are surging through you, don’t allow yourself to indulge in suffering.

Emotional and physical pain are not the same as suffering. Pain is simply an expression of something that is off- center or injured. Suffering on the other hand, is an indulgence in that pain, replaying it in your mind over and over, and over again. When you suffer, you create within yourself a prolonged agitated state. This does not affect any of the circumstances that caused your experience of pain. But in fact, in some circumstances it can greatly increase your experience of the pain.

Learn to feel emotional or physical pain and allow it to flow through you without allowing your mind to dance around it. Once your mind becomes involved in looking backward at all the other moments of pain, in describing your pain in embellished terms, or looking forward in anticipation of further pain, you have completely lost your center. And it is only from a centered place that you can witness it or make a clear decision about your next action.

Practice remaining centered no matter what appearances your world projects to you. By all means, if you can assist others who are hurting, please do. But remain centered. Help your mind to remain quiet at all times. Use the assistance of your breath to calm your mind and your heart. By focusing on your breath, it gives your mind something else to do besides falling into old patterns of fear projections or memories.

Please know that we are all standing by to offer support to everyone who asks. Please love each other and reach out a helping hand when you can. But remain quiet within your own being no matter what you encounter in your life or others.

With all our love,


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