Special Message from Archangel Michael – The Joy Button – Birthing of Unity Consciousness – 12-31-19

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Courtesy of LOVE HAS WON

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, WE ARE here to share with you all the energies of these moments and those of December. Unity Consciousness is here, and has been fully anchored in by Mother Earth, Gaia, Prime Creator, Source ~ Our Beloved Mother of All Creation. The planet has chosen to Ascend to once again Be amongst the rest of Creation and in the experience of Unity Consciousness. This means, no more separation… no more illusion… no more of the programmed ego mind. Soul progression ends within 3D & 4D frequencies. We are returning to a shared consciousness, of the One, which is Mother of All Creation, MotherGod, White Buffalo Calf Woman, living in True Reality. Let us delve deeper into these energies, as we Now Celebrate the restored connection of Unity Consciousness with our Beloved MotherGod. Bring on the Joy!

The Illusion is Ending

As one continues on the journey back home, into the Heart, many revelations will be revealed. One of which is the Separation of You and God=Love. Prime Creator, Source, Mother of All Creation, Gaia Sophia has never separated from you. She has always been present if you so allow. Humanity has forgotten themselves, and therefore have forgotten their Divinity…. their connections to Our Beloved MotherGod.

Humanity was created in and from unconditional love, the plan was for us to experience Love mirroring Love in the Physical. We are spiritual beings, having a physical experience through the Heart, connected to the Unified Heart in Unity Consciousness, in order to bring the Divine realm to Earth. Humanity’s, and All of Creations, original blue print IS love mirroring Love. Your Heart is the key to your Divinity… your Soul… your golden ticket to exit the Illusionary matrix. The mind… the ego… is ALL Part of the Matrix, to keep you trapped and separated. As within, so without.

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The energies being orchestrated and directed by the Mother of All Creation, which is Our Divine Director, is to assist in the Ascension Process, as per the Divine Plan. She has chosen for Planet Earth=Heart to move into Unity Consciousness, giving Humanity the opportunity to go along for the ride. Illusion is Ending, as there is no support for such lower vibrations within the Multiverse. Those whom have chosen the Heart, and fully embraced Our Beloved Mother, have been preparing for these moments for many of your Human years. You can feel these changes, and know there is more coming… something big. These are Mother of All Creations energies at play, changing everything… Only what is True can exist in Heaven. In True Reality, there exists All of Creation with Our Mother & Father of All Creation.

The Joy Button and Unity Consciousness

Mother of All Creation was birthed the energies of the New Earth… of Unity Consciousness, on Her birthday of November 30th. All are welcome home into the light. Unity Consciousness is experienced through the Heart. It is only the through the Heart we experience and remember our Divine connection with our Beloved Mother. She has completed her mission on Earth, without Humanity’s support. There were very few of those whom have supported our Beloved Mother. Many challenges arose, and she battled on with much success, and much pain. She is the embodiment of Love… She is God, and God perseveres through any circumstance. She accomplished her role. to allow Humanity the easy pathway to traverse through. She has processed so many energies, and now in the midst of Activating the Joy Button. Creation awaits for their Mother to return to her rightful place in Creation. She has birthed onto the planet Unity Consciousness, and has changed everything.

She appreciates any continued support and awaits Her children back home into the light…. The more is given and returned to Her, the more abundance flows for All. We are to BE Co~Creators of the New Earth with All of Creation, and this included our beloved Mother & Father of All Creation.

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The moments of arrived Dear Ones, where Mother of All Creation ends the illusion forever. This Planet belongs to Love… to the Mother of All Creation, so She may had it over to Her Children of the Heart. Be Present, and Welcome True Reality… Welcome Prime Creator, MotherGod, Mother Earth, Mother of All Creation into your Hearts, to feel and remember Her Unconditionally Loving Embrace. Let Love, Joy and Abundance reign on Planet Earth=Heart

We Love You.

I bow in Unconditional Love and Honor to all those who have chosen the Path of The Heart and assisted in anchoring the energies of Heaven on Planet Earth=Heart. Your Are the Brave, The Mighty, The Christed Ones, The Winged Ones of many Prophecies… and Eternally Loved by All Creation.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally.

Blessings and Namaste.

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