GARY CHRISTOPHER – A Message to all Star Seeds – WE DID IT! – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 12-18-19


Gary Christopher18 hrs

A Message to all Star Seeds – We did it!

My beloved family of Light, we have come to the end of the Star Seed Ascension cycle on Gaia. The past several years have seen many ups and downs as we each worked to bring Heaven to Earth. By working to complete our own ascension, we were simultaneously bringing Heaven to Earth as ONE. Creating the energetic structures within our bodies and on Gaia that as ONE structure created the Diamond SUN Body of the collective consciousness. The entire template of the Great Cosmic Matrix has been replicated on Gaia so that all souls on this planet can begin their ascension into the higher realms – so that all souls on this planet can join the company of Heaven where all rightfully belong.

The Star Seeds represent the physical embodiment of the company of Heaven as well as the framework, matrix or blueprint of Heaven itself. We are it and it is us. And through the collective ascension every soul on Gaia will join the company of Heaven. Through our ascension, Heaven was brought to Earth to support the collective ascension of this star system. Although it appeared that we worked mostly individually – energetically we worked as ONE. We have co-created as separate souls or created as ONE consciousness the entire preparation and implementation of the atomic structure or blueprint needed to support the collective realities of this evolving star system. The past seven years have been compacted with challenging and rewarding moments as each of us has worked to fully embody the frequency of consciousness we are here to be. It has been an honor journeying with all of you. Those I personally know and those I do not. We are ONE Pure Consciousness creating through these vessels.

For many years we have worked collectively to build the entire energetic structure on Gaia. Many Star Seeds have traveled all over the globe working directly with Gaia and all of us have been working on our own selves. It was a massive co-creation of ONE consciousness in many vessels. Now, the entire structure has finally been completed and is currently in the process of being activated. All the crystals planted, grids cleared, sacred sites activated, gateways opened, stargates brought online, etc. has finally come to an end. WE DID IT!! On December 12th as we passed through the final gateway of the Star Seed Ascension, the very last activation took place on Gaia – the twelfth dimensional stargate was activated signalling the completion of the Star Seed Ascension to bring Heaven to Earth. This was the final activation needed to complete and activate the entire structure that is the Diamond SUN Body of the collective consciousness of Gaia and end the cycle. Now that the structure is built, all portals and gateways remain open infinitely so that all souls on Earth can evolve and ascend organically at the right pace through each until an eternal Golden Age of Light is reached and this entire star system fully embodies! Simultaneously, as completing this structure, the collective ascension was physically birthed and a new cycle began.

Congratulations to all the beautiful amazing volunteer souls incarnated here on Gaia!! The structure is complete. Heaven is here on Earth and now the souls of Earth can begin their ascension and evolution into an eternal Golden Age – into Heaven! The structure is being activated from now until the Winter Solstice Gateway when it becomes fully activated and we can collectively move to New Earth. Share the good news! Sound the trumpets! New Earth is here for all! We have built the structure of Heaven on Earth by becoming the fabric of it ourselves, by becoming and weaving the golden thread of the Cosmos that is Pure Consciousness, that is Love! Love is the fabric of creation! By increasing our frequency we increased the amount of Love present on Earth. We brought Love to the planet. Heaven is Love! God is Love! Love is all there is!

I love each and every one of you beautiful souls as a part of myself. I AM honored to be here with you all and look forward to creating the eternal Golden Age of Light on Gaia together as ONE.



A blue planet appears near the moon in Australia seen with the naked eye

Sianna AvalynYesterday at 4:31 PM

On Transcendence

The portal has opened, and 2020 is almost here. If you haven’t already, I invite you to step through the portal, for the winter Solstice is upon us soon. And I ask you from the depths of my Heart and Soul:

Are you FINISHED yet?

Are you ready to be DONE with the Ways of Old?

Are you ready to DROP your stories, your ideologies, and your beliefs of old?

Are you ready to let SHAME and self-condemnation be left in the past?

Are you ready to step into the ILLUMINATING LIGHT that has always been shining on you, and in you?

Are you OVER IT, and never want turn back to lick your wounds again?

Are you finished with diminishing YOUR LIGHT so that others will not feel uncomfortable?

Are you ready to LET the training wheels GO?

Are you done with playing small, PRETENDING you don’t know, what you know? 

Are you finished with being AFRAID and cowering alone in a corner?

Are you ready to EMBRACE yourself and have a Divine and INTIMATE relationship with your Soul? And with other Souls too?

Are you willing to stand powerfully, radiantly, and TRANSCENDENTLY alive, in your Raw Authentic Truth?

Are you ready to DANCE in the moonlight with God/Goddess as your partner?

Are you ready to transcend everything that you have known yourself to be, and TRULY FORGIVE yourself for everything that you have judged in yourself or another, so you can PLAY in the sunshine with your Soul?

Are you ready to finally, fully, and completely ACCEPT that you are already perfect, whole and complete, and absolutely STUNNING, just as you are?

Are you READY to LAUGH, a big belly laugh, until tears trickle down your cheeks, because you have finally SEEN yourself in all your BRILLIANT Glory? 



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