INDIGO LIGHT – Narcissistic Parenting and Your Spiritual Identity – Reclaiming Your Freedom for 2020

Indigo Light

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In this video, Alexander touches on the topic of Narcissism, namely narcissistic parenting, and its effects on the psyche, as we continuously engage in this cathartic period to regain our freedom, ahead of 2020.

“Indigo Light Group Meditation: Activations and Downloads in Preparation for the 1.1.2020”

Join us for this momentous event, as we all engage in this meditation together, preparing for the 1.1.2020. We will be venturing within and receiving new activations and energetic downloads that will help us elevate our frequencies, and release lingering resistances. The coming year is more powerful than what we have experienced before and will ask of us to have cleared the old in order to receive the necessary energetic upgrades. This group meditation will address that with the help of our Souls, Source, and the Archangels. A message will be relayed at the end of the meditation to help all. We look forward to seeing you there, on the 1st of December at 3pm EST. A recording will be sent to all attendees and will be available for purchase after the event.

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