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by Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay

11-1 11:11 to 12:12 ~ 12-21 -12 ~ 3 3 3 ~ The Masculine Monadic Emergence

The Ignition from slavery to Salvation

Greetings dear StarOnes, with Love we come to share our cosmic insights in support with the continuous transitional and reconfiguration of the Human Collective Consciousness from the energy plasma flows that are emanating from the Center of this Galaxy upon your Sol system and inhabitants of Gaia-Tara-Terra-2012- 2017- 2021-2027-2033 ~

A build up is happening leading up to something, and you can feel it, that something is going to come and change the frequency of the earth in a very dramatic way. One that carries tremendous opportunity for the raising of Hu-man-Ets Consciousness and propel this collective into the “new area”. It is absolutely a natural synergy that astronomical dates provide downloads of coded influx. For these events – solstices, equinoxes and eclipses- are truly open gateways, apertures that have always been unique for such transfers.

Things are happening and happening in a big way! Prime Source is a Divine Feminine Mother Goddess energy located in the Galactic Center of the Universe. It has been through the many goddesses’ vessels incarnated through the many “timelines” that have now collapsed, that the rehabilitation/reprogramming of the Divine Masculine and their Monadic-Seed was rendered possible.

This Energetic pulse of codes is like a spiraling vortex and transmitter of concentrated energy power places of the world. We have seen waves of “fathers remembering their fathers” forgiving Self from a loving and compassionate neutral detachment – that creates a zero-point/time-vortex where generations upon generations of suppressed feminine energy and wounded masculine hearts are been healed and released, including the Souls who have chosen to do this from another “density” after departing 3D around these dates.

We want to address of bit further about the changes that have occurred within the masculine/Male gender population 35 and older – You had to release some very significant generational distortions and programs. It can be very frightening to let go of what was once known, especially when it has to do with attachment! You are being actively assisted and guided as to how to remove the energetic entanglements from old generational patriarchic patterns. The Mirrors affects and dreams states have been played out for this purpose, eliminating the necessity to endure extreme negative impacts from these mind-programmed controls false light for submission and slavery.

When looking at the current earth affairs, one can indeed doubt that it has been resolved! Look pass the “images” and feel the underlining energies that navigates these events, much of it are remnants of clashes of the old … is a desperate attempt by the dark forces to keep their dominion. Focus your visions of Peace and Love and redirect these “loving feelings” towards those who have chosen to “Liberate” them Selves. Indeed, these endless transmissions of energy codes have brought ripples of healing love for closure to the masculine lineage all over the world.

Over the years, the flux of codes was gently increased to our cosmic assistance to all male population starting every Nov.1 (111) throughout the Solstices 12/21 (33) – The 11:11:11 portal exists through time and space. It was created to clear a Cosmic DISTORTION of the masculine lineage, consciousness and DNA.

Remember, you are the galactic angelic Human and Indigo races sent into this Time Matrix as stewards, guardians, leaders and healer forces. Now for those of the first wave, you have the ability to fully embody the Eternal Life Currents within a physically manifest form of a minimum 12-Strand DNA potential, a “Holy Grail Line” or” Christic” KRYSTIC genetic code.

You also have done lots of deep clearing and cleansing, which ultimately brought the awareness that something very old and deep inside had “died” while it created a vacuum space for a New to emerge. The 3D reality may become very blurry to your senses as dimensions start to overlap. The dream state is the “space&time” where you have and will be receiving most of the upgrades, remembrance and integration of all your Selves. Some of you are dealing with bodily symptoms that are the least “comfortable” and they shall pass as crystallization of your cells proceed. Take care of your physical Self, Be gentle, no drastic detoxification or diets are favorable to all, just be aware of the signals received to be decoded and choose accordingly the best available options. Trust your Heart’s knowing that what you “need” will be provided by the law of “attraction” and “manifestation”.

Dear hearts, like the Phoenix rising from its ashes, StarSeeds of all waves are going through intense levels of a Monadic reset process right now, and especially those incarnated in a masculine vessel. They are shinning bright once again in the garment of Love and Light! For the Starseeds who are just awakening since 2012, We want to speak of the Monad – it is the “spark of the living flame” the living flow of primal life force currents, the generator that brings the living consciousness of Source into your reality and provides this consciousness as the ‘fuel’ out of which your reality is made and maintained. The Monad Identity is the portion of the multi-dimensional mind that corresponds to the 8th Dimension and the God-Seed. It is by Anchoring the Monad that expedite the process of Over-Soul Integration.

Big shifts have happened before, and this one is an amazing sight! And this is just the Beginning. There is a positive in that those who can carry this higher frequency will catapult into a 5D and beyond. Many are talking about the galactic plasma waves and awakening which seems to be like the sonic boom. It is made of a very specific light which instantaneously transforms as it travels through this part of your solar system and through your planet upgrading your frequency to the 5D and beyond. This plasma Light wave frequency and the coordination of human consciousness are coming together in a divine union. For UNION is another word for the Ascension, the Final Union before the New Dawn.

Please before we end this message, we want you to imagine for a moment how this “reality” played out for the StarBeings who came before while living in the 1980’ and 90’s around the planet before the internet. These pioneers had only their intuitive Heart to trust and follow, nothing to connect and support them except for the Knowing inside, books, dreams and synchronized guidance. They were living in most strategic places with great faith and purpose until they were able to show and shin their Light to the World – Be grateful and respectful to these “StarElders” ( – + 60 ) they have wisdom beyond this world and are your Galactic Fore Mother/Father.

Until these energy waves “quiet down” some of you have started to realize the necessity of daily reflection to assess “priority” in this 3D life” and how to fulfill one’s “mission-purpose”. Remember, No action is truly required, just a conscious state of “Beingness” into the present, moment by moment, breathing with authenticity while taking the action that brings Joy and love to your life experience. You have chosen to come to Gaia to Live the Event that will raise the frequency of the Collective Consciousness, and it is a Beauty-Full Commitment.

You are very much Loved,

Join Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay Guardian of the Mother Arc, Elder of the BlueRay Council.

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