SANDRA WALTER – Claim Your Freedom Codes – 12-9-19

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Source: Sandra Walter

We are in a heightened passage of un-locking the Freedom codes for New Earth in this Now. The December- January Gateway is a heightened, transformational passage for all. Widespread Embodiment is on the rise, bringing us into a new collective experience.

This is a perfect moment to utilize the energies, codes and influxes to create your brightest 2020 vision!

Freedom codes, available since July 4 this year with the Crystalline Corridor activation, support the next step in our Ascension.

– Freedom from old belief systems about how we operate in these realms. Freedom from old stereotypes and expectations of of the Christed Self.
– Freedom to actualize your highest expression, Ascension and Source-as-Self in the physical.
– Freedom Codes must be activated by free will choice. Follow the alignment practices in this book, call them forth to activate to the highest level for your journey. Meditate, Visualize, and FEEL freedom.
– Freedom codes amplify free will choices of the Source of each creation: Good gets better, Divine gets Blissful, disharmony gets more intense. It returns us to fully awakened conscious creation of our personal and collective journey.

Many are using these Freedom codes to amplify their Embodiment and #Ascension. That is their purpose. Align with New Earth Now dynamics, and the energy of Divine Love will support your heart-based choices. Call them into your awareness and DNA Now!

Because #Ascension
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