jenny schiltz – 12:12 Gateway & Chaos Timeline – 12-7-19

12:12 Gateway & Chaos Timeline


I have been asked to share an important message as we experience this very powerful month of December and particularly the 12:12 gateway. I received the message while working with a client who has a powerful ability to hold space. She is able to do it with incredible neutrality which is the necessary ingredient.

At the beginning of the session, I was shown her pegasus guide going up to the sun and then exploding into many pieces that landed on a flat world map. They replayed this vision multiple times until I was able to take in the details. Pieces landed in London, Dubai, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Tokyo and more. Merlin then explained that each piece landed in the major financial centers of the world. My client was then asked to assist the collective by holding space for all the financial districts .

She was asked to create a container around the world’s finances as he explained that space is needed for the highest good to be done. He explained that great change is coming to the finances of this world, but that it does not have to be chaos. As I questioned more, Merlin went on to explain that there is a false timeline running that many are contributing to, he called it the Timeline of Chaos. I was shown how many of us are participating in this timeline with our belief systems, mainly the belief that Change is hard and that for anything to change it must collapse first.

When you look at our world, there is much that needs changing. From the economic, medical, government, and education systems, a big change is needed. We know that things as they are crushes the spirit and deprives us of vital energy. Yet, a complete collapse of these systems would cause utter chaos in our world that would plunge us back into survival mode and cause more harm than good. The same can be said for the push for spaceships to land NOW. On the one hand that could be great, on the other we would find our world quickly self-destructing as the masses are not ready.

No matter our personal wishes or how we perceive the right thing to be, we need to focus on the Highest Good for all, even if this slows things down or does not look like we think it should. This is why neutrality and holding space for this great change upon us is essential.  Merlin explained that there is a destructive program running that calls for the collapse of what is without the creation of something new. It also calls for full collapse without ease and grace, in other words, the consequences be damned.

He explained that our creator abilities are often harnessed and pushed to create chaos (and other things) and we each need to see where we participate in this. This is even more crucial as we recently experienced another layer of the veil removed which makes our manifestation abilities even more powerful. I sat with this information for days and asked to see where I am contributing to the timeline of chaos and was shown how there is a part of me that is still waiting for the other shoe to drop or for things to go wrong in my life. When I got to the core of it, there was this piece from childhood that did not feel worthy or believed I deserved ease in my own life. With this understanding, I now have to be responsible for what I am creating in the collective stream and change it.

As we are already in the 12:12 energies, please take a moment and see where you could be contributing to this Chaos timeline that is running counter to the Highest Divine Timeline. For those that are able to hold space and neutrality that the highest timeline be anchored with ease and grace, please do so.  It really is an all hands on deck moment. Things are moving and shifting in our world quickly. We can choose what is created. I am choosing to concentrate on the Highest Divine timeline and remove where I have contributed to the Chaos timeline in my personal life and collectively. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing this important message. When we all come together to create with dedicated intention, miracles happen.

I am sending you all so much love as we are squeezed, pushed and pulled through these strong energetic times!

Jenny Schiltz

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

3 thoughts on “jenny schiltz – 12:12 Gateway & Chaos Timeline – 12-7-19”

  1. This is my truth and how it resonates with me and many others. There is so much going on in this Universe. I don’t think many realize how this Universe was infected by a foreign entity from another parallel Universe. This foreign entity infected this Universe like a virus. This has been talked about in Dolores Cannon’s books as well. Because this virus does not fit in with the laws of physics in this Universe it created a low frequency/vibration. The Solar Flash Event will happen and it will be physical for all to see. This is a Universal Ascension, not just for planet Earth. I think most forget this. The other aspect I see is that many who have volunteered during this time were from Atlantis during the destruction so there is that fear element of complete destruction as it did then. The planet, just like those who choose to ascend during this time will have their physical bodies upgraded. This means cleansing this ‘virus’ from our consciousness as well as our ‘physical bodies’. This also pertains to Mother Gaia. She will need to cleanse her entire surface of the low vibrational energy that has lasted on the surface for eons. This has happened in 5 other civilizations. This time is different as I said it is a Universal Ascension. We need to let that fear go of ‘dying’ in this physical and let this process happen. I don’t see it as chaos but a cleansing of the planet and people. For humans to ascend and the planet, we must cleanse this from ourselves. We can not simply put a bandage on wounds and build over them expecting things to change. The wound has to heal and release the ‘bacteria’ or ‘virus’ and cleansed.


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