MESSAGE FROM MOTHER SEKHMET by Elaine Degiorgio – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 12-9-19


by Elaine Degiorgio

Sitting in the Sacred I AM PRESENCE connecting with my Higher Self with my Spirit Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all.

Children of the Sun

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole.

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out and embrace you in the energy or the space of wherever you may be in your life upon the earth.

I come forth this day to grant you all every blessing. For the tide of Great Change is among thee at this great hour and we transcend forth into a New Age of Light and Enlightenment.

I have come through my vessel here upon the Earth time after time to bring forth a message of Love, a message of Healing. a message of Peace.

We are raising the consciousness of your Planet once more. I understand and withstand the many challenges that you face at this hour, and the interface with those that do not understand your path and light.

We come though in manners and ways to support you, to activate you and to enlighten you all upon your journey of Light and Love.

You are all divinely guided and supported by your Guides Masters and Helpers in the Higher Light.

We are embracing many cosmic shifts at this time that is manifesting in this system of worlds and we have just completed a 7 year cycle and we are now entering a stage and tide of great revealing. As significant Souls upon your Planet work towards revealing the hidden Truths that lie dormant upon your Earth for Eons.

We are now assisting these Souls to unravel the Great Mysteries that have laid dormant upon your Earth of Eons of Time and to Shine the Light of Truth to the many Mistruths that have been written in the books of your Earth.

History is now changing its face now as we are revealing the hidden truths and evidence of civilizations of long past are now being revealed.

Much work is now taking place to shift and release the Polarized State of the Americas – This has been a great metaphor upon your Planet at this time in the Unification of North and South.

This Polarization must be revealed in the Light of Truth so that Humankind can work upon this with Love and Unity – Promoting Peace within its region.

Many shifts lie within its lands at this time – thus preparing the rise of the New Lemuria – Activations are significant in the areas of Yucatan, Peru, Fernandina Island, Hawaii, and the strip that lies between California and British Columbia.

We are also working upon the Labyrinth that lies underneath the Oceans of the Gulf of Mexico activating this site once more setting the seeds of Unity and Peace.

The Great Mayan Shift is now taking place on this day of Trinity of Trinities – 21/12 as we activate and align the Hearth Stones and the Pyramids of this System of Worlds with the 42 Messier Nebula Orion – The Cosmic Womb of this Universe.

We are also in the tide of manifestation of Light coming in from the Galactic Centre and the Great Central Sun as at this time The Sun of this System of Worlds will interface with Saturn and Pluto inside the Constellation of Capricorn and we have been planning for this Event for some time and this coincides with the Karmic Board Sitting at White Lodge Sirius A.

It is a time of Great Reflection and a time of Great Evolution for you all as Souls on The Great Journey in this Time and Space Construct. But also to understand and withstand that you are in fact Timeless Beings.

As you move forth from this Seven Year Cycle and you connect with the 5th Dimensional Reality – you experience your Being as a Timeless Being that is now experiencing Life within a Limited Time and Space Construct. During this Limitation your Mastery is to unfold that you are Limitless and Timeless.

You see that I come through in this form upon this hour as a Metaphor… for there are many forms of me of the Life Times that I have taken but there is a Metaphor for my being and presence at this time – and part of that is to raise the consciousness of the Lions Gate Portal and The Children of the Sun and the Code 42 Age of Leo that I work in and I have manifested this once more here upon your Earth. I come through my vessel once more to raise consciousness of the Age of Leo of this time frame of the Golden Age of Egypt shortly after the Fall of Atlantis…

Also to raise consciousness of the role of the Gemini-Leo Crown that we behold as Primary of Egypt. There are also the Metaphors of Yucatan where we beheld the Star Plans to build the Pyramids and also in Bosnia and in China during a 1000 year period and I can also guarantee that many more shall surface as we have aligned these great pyramids with the Star Plans.

These are Sacred Points within your Earth Grid System that we work with to raise the Threshold of Energy from the Great Central Sun and with the elevation of Divine Energy and Light we are able to raise the frequency vibration and consciousness of Humanity. For all is One in this Divine Light.

I leave you with every blessing.

I AM Mother Sekhmet and I speak through Elaine this day 05/12

Elaine Degiorgio



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